Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wednesday - Sealing Day!!

  nauvoo 005

Wednesday was a wonderful day!!  It was the day I most looked forward to!

This was the day my family and I entered into the House of the Lord to seal Baby Joy to our family for all eternity.  Truly a wonderful day!  In the Lord's tender mercy, our sealer was also an adoptive parent so this was very special for him as well.  My heart is just so happy!  I wish I was eloquent and could convey my feelings - joy, true and pure joy!

nauvoo 009nauvoo 012

Our family before we entered and when we came out - look at my face.  I was so happy!

nauvoo 018 

Our beautiful forever daughter, Abigail Lili Joy Turpin

 nauvoo 034

Behind this window is the Youth Waiting Room.  This is where the kids waited while we showed the temple workers all our paperwork and got ready for the sealing!

nauvoo 061

That extra story there is where the sealing room is!  There Joy became a part of our family forever!

nauvoo 036

This is just a cool shot of the temple spire and Angel Moroni that Jason captured on the camera!

nauvoo 032 nauvoo 039 

Uncle Bob and Lizzy                            Grandma Turpin and Becca

nauvoo 043   nauvoo 054

Aunt Kathie with my little girls            Joy with her Turpin Grandparents

nauvoo 053 

Lizzy and Jessi sitting on a bench -that's the Mississippi River in the background

nauvoo 044

One happy Mama and her sweet baby!

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