Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I love this quote!

I've said for years that we often find that faith is spelled
R-I-S-K. Every time we step out in faith we are taking a
risk. We risk looking foolish. We risk being disappointed.
We risk having our hearts broken. Yet to live by faith requires a willingness to take risks and to work without a net.

Steve and Jane Lambert

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Thoughts on our Vacation


Before we left I was so looking forward to getting away – away from therapies and appointments, away from lessons and nurses, away from forms and pharmacies and DMEs and insurance companies, away from everything – to just be us, our family.  Saturday morning brought us word that the the mortal probation of a sweet little girl that we know had ended.  How my heart aches for her family.  I know that she is free from pain.  She is well and loved where she is, but her poor family has to get up and move through their lives without her.  They have to learn to live without their sweetheart.  How is such a thing possible?  How is it possible the world keeps spinning when these wonderful little lives leave here to go there?  The rest of our trip I pondered so many things in my heart.  When we went to the Wildlife Refuge I thought of this family’s opportunity to go to the Houston Zoo and feed the animals, to touch them and be up close with the zoologists.  How I pray the Lord will carry the Hill family through their adjustment to life without Ember.  Their family has been sealed in the temple of our God.  Their eternal destination has been chosen, but it’s this mortal time that is so hard.  I am so grateful for my family, for all the time we have together.  Life can change so quickly and so drastically.  For this weekend I was grateful we were away and together.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Wildlife Refuge

We wanted to do one more thing in the San Antonio before we headed back, but what to do?  This trip was a big deal for Bella and we were already pushing it.  So we decided to do the Wildlife Refuge – you stay in your car and drive around, safari style.  This would be fun and better for Bella. 

Highlights from the drive:  Becca got to pet a zebra.  Lizzy was devastated that she didn’t.  She was up in the front trying to get close to one and turned around to see an emu coming toward her Daddy.  All we heard was the terror filled scream.  She was sure that emu was coming in the car and hurting her Daddy.  Her scream scared Bella, so the two of them were crying hysterically and everyone else was laughing.  :)  Afterwards we stopped at the small petting zoo.  I wouldn’t let Bella do that, but she did get to taste an Icee – and that she liked!

After that we drove back home.  I looked around  and felt so much love for each member of my family.  I am grateful we went to San Antonio.  I am grateful that Bella did so well.

San Antonio Temple

We stopped to see the beautiful San Antonio Texas temple.  One day when I don’t have two sick kids I am going to go in there!  I hear it is even more beautiful on the inside.

After Kathie’s very hot wedding (June in Houston – think sweat), Becca has reconfirmed to herself that she does not want to be married in the Houston Texas temple.  So we checked out San Antonio.  She is thinking about going to school there in San Antonio, so it makes sense.  We will see when the time comes. :)  Lizzy decided this was the temple for her too.  :)  So long as it’s a temple………

Friday, June 25, 2010

Our Vacation

On Friday we left for San Antonio.  We drove in the morning and then meet Cyndi and her family at Morgan’s Wonderland.  Morgan’s Wonderland is an amusement park for people of all abilities.  Everything was carefully thought out so that everyone – including those in wheelchairs – can fully participate.   I was brought to tears twice while we were at the park.  The first time was on the carousel.  Bella was able to ride – and she had a wonderful time.  The second time was on the off road adventure.  She got to ride on the car and go around the track (you’ll see in the pictures).  I was so grateful.  We have only taken Bella out to a few things.  We get a couple of different reactions – either people outright stare or they ignore Bella entirely.  She makes them uncomfortable.  At Morgan’s Wonderland people were so kind and looked at her and talked to her and did everything to make her visit a good one.  I was so grateful!  We all enjoyed our time there.

Afterwards, back in the hotel, we had cake for Joy, Jeremy, and Michael.  Happy Birthday to you three!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

This week

Monday Bella and I went downtown – BY OURSELVES – no ambulance!  That was really huge!  Dr. Louis thought Liza Jane was our newest baby.  She said, “They gave you another baby???”  in totally disbelief.  And then before we could answer she turned to Sammi and the nurse and said, “And you stood for it?”  :)  No, she is my niece and we are just watching her for the week.  “Oh, because you don’t have anything else to do?”  :)  What else is there but to serve and help those we love? 

IMG_5500Tuesday was full of therapy and activity days.  Wednesday brought more therapy and activity days.  Lizzy also went to the dentist.  She is the proud owner of a new crown and a new spacer.  Poor Lizzy came home and slept all afternoon.  The staff at the dentist office loved Liza Jane and I had to reassure them that she was my niece, not mine.    That night Becca brought her friend to Young Women.  Bec taught the Mia Maids how to make friendship bracelets.  We brought Liza Jane with us.  The Bishop walked in and saw her and stopped.  “What?  Someone has been multiplying and I don’t know about it!”  No, Bishop.  This is my niece.  :)  Funny theme  this week.  What will everyone’s reactions be when our next little one joins our family?  :)

The girls made slushies:

 IMG_5502 IMG_5503

Thursday Cyndi and her family came over to the house to visit.  Our house was the exchanging place for the Rick’s babies.  Donna brought Marlisa over to hand her off to Mama.  Cyndi took Liza Jane back to the farm with them that evening.  We enjoyed having everyone over to visit again.  Bella wanted so badly to be part of the excitement!  She is becoming more and more social.

  IMG_5510 IMG_5512 IMG_5513 IMG_5516

Miss Liza Jane Ricks

Miss Ricks stayed with us while her parents enjoyed their honeymoon.  Her name is Elizabeth Jane Ricks, but she has many, many nicknames.  Her Dad and siblings call her Zaba.  Her Mama calls her Elizabeth.  Becca calls her Fountain (for her reflux).  But I call her Liza Jane.  :)  She is a sweet lovable little baby.

IMG_4792 IMG_4793 IMG_4794 IMG_4797 IMG_5448 IMG_5459 IMG_5466 IMG_5469

IMG_5473 IMG_5484  IMG_5506  IMG_5521

IMG_5494I had three little babies to take care of this week:  Joy, Bella, and Liza Jane.  Wow!  I took Liza Jane with me everywhere – I had so many reactions to her.  She is so beautiful, and people thought she was our newest little addition to our family.  No, this little love is my niece.  Welcome to the family Liza Jane!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father’s Day Jason!


Sammi made breakfast for Jason this morning – so sweet.IMG_5440  IMG_5449 

Joy made this card for her Daddy.  We love you Poppa!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Kathie is married!

Congratulations Kathie and Rob!IMG_5231 IMG_5248Kathie was so beautiful – she looked like a princess!  IMG_5258

IMG_5323 IMG_5339 IMG_5353

We missed you Asia…..

More Wedding Pictures

When I Grow Up...

I didn't sing this song growing up, but it sure sounds like me!   ;)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Baby Elizabeth’s Blessing and Dinner

The final event before the wedding was held again at the farm.  We gathered for dinner and then Elizabeth Jane Ricks was blessed by her father.

More Life

Playing around…

IMG_5036 IMG_5461 IMG_5462 IMG_5463

The girls have created a restaurant at our home.  Lunch was very yummy this week!

 IMG_5475 IMG_5474IMG_5477 IMG_5478

Playing on the trampoline …

IMG_5479 IMG_5480  IMG_5495 IMG_5496 IMG_5489