Saturday, March 28, 2015

Our Week

Jason and I went out for an amazing birthday dinner!
2015-03-24 March 29 001
Putting together a new Lego kit    Cake (with Lego candles)
2015-03-24 March 30 0062015-03-24 March 30 008
Silly Jessi trying not to be in the pictures – too bad!
2015-03-24 March 30 009
Love this picture of my 45 year old Jason!
Happy birthday to my husband!!
2015-03-24 March 30 014
2015-03-24 March 30 0222015-03-24 March 30 023
Lots of practicing going on around here!
2015-03-26 March 30 0012015-03-26 March 30 0032015-03-23 March 30 001
The girls ready for the bus!
2015-03-24 March 30 0012015-03-24 March 30 005
Jason bought me a purple lilac.  I love lilacs, but they don’t grow well in the South.  How I am hoping it’ll flourish here!  We expanded our creek bed. We are hoping to eventually take it all the way through the yard.  I love to watch it when the sub-pump is working.  It’s so pretty!
2015-03-28 March 30 0042015-03-28 March 30 006

2015-03-28 March 30 0012015-03-28 March 30 0022015-03-28 March 30 011
Crazy baby and her Cardinal Daddy
2015-03-29 March 30 0012015-03-25 March 29 002
Painting and doing crafts
2015-03-29 march 30 0022015-03-29 march 30 0032015-03-29 march 30 0052015-03-29 march 30 0062015-03-29 march 30 0072015-03-29 march 30 008
Saturday VIPS had an Easter Egg Hunt.  The kids just wanted to play in Kids Town! Brother loved the sensory room with the beeping eggs!
2015-03-28 March 29 0022015-03-28 March 29 0072015-03-28 March 29 0202015-03-28 March 29 0222015-03-28 March 29 0252015-03-28 March 29 030

Jason took the girls to the mall – brave Dad!
2015-03-28 March 29 033
The girls and I at the Womens Broadcast!!
2015-03-28 March 29 034

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Our Week

I love the sunrises here!

2015-03-17 March 30 002

I am determined to have it be spring, so Sammi and I bought mulch and pansies.  We cleaned up the flower beds and planted and mulched.  It felt awesome to do yard work again!

2015-03-17 March 30 0032015-03-17 March 30 0042015-03-17 March 30 0052015-03-17 March 30 006

Sammi and I enjoyed Tex-Mex for lunch!  The earth is slowly waking up!  I wore sandals in the afternoon. Oh, happy day!

2015-03-16 March 28 0012015-03-16 March 28 0022015-03-16 March 28 0042015-03-16 March 28 003

These two went to a KMEA competition.  Lizzy was allowed to play with the older orchestra.  They scored a Distinguished.  Then they headed over to St Matthew’s mall for lunch and shopping.  Jessi bought this fun Tardis necklace – it says” Bigger on the inside” on the back.

2015-03-17 March 30 0012015-03-17 March 30 0072015-03-17 March 30 008

Brother got a new Braille book!  Love that he has books too!

Over to therapy.  We are continuing to work on switches.  He’s got this!  If I hit the button, it says More.  Then the people push me on the swing!  And he loved the fan!  If he pushed the button, the fan would come on.  He loved the feel of that!

2015-03-16 March 28 0052015-03-16 March 28 0082015-03-16 March 28 010

Huge deal here!  Joy HATES stink bugs.  I mean HATES!  She will scream and you have to dispose of the creature before peace can be restored.  So her getting a piece of tissue and grabbing the bug was phenomenal!  Way to go babe!  Face those fears!

One way to make Lizzy a happy girl – buy sushi!

2015-03-16 March 28 0112015-03-19 March 30 001

Brother listening to Jessi’s music!   A tea party for Joy

2015-03-20 March 30 0012015-03-20 March 30 002

My sweet Jessi.  She was smiling, so I had to take pictures!  This girl.  The number of prayers I pray for her!  She is such a quiet thing.  How I wish sometimes that I was telepathic and could read her thoughts.  She loves to laugh and be sarcastic.  She loves to be with friends and to read.  I love her so.

2015-03-17 March 28 0012015-03-17 March 28 0022015-03-17 March 28 005

My cute boy – playing outside, barefoot!  He was exploring the grass and following my voice in the last two pictures. I’m so proud of him.

2015-03-17 March 28 0072015-03-17 March 28 0082015-03-17 March 28 009

These goofy monkeys!  Their new boots came in – pink!  This set of pictures says so much about them.  They love each other so much.  Of course they drive each other crazy too.  But I am grateful they have each other!

2015-03-18 March 28 0022015-03-18 March 28 003

2015-03-18 March 28 0012015-03-18 March 28 005

So this is how we do our grocery list.  I think it’s so funny how technology has changed how I shop!  If you want it, Mom will buy it ONLY if it’s on the list.  So the list grows, I take a picture with my phone and then go to the store and buy what’s on the picture.  Crazy!

2015-03-20 March 28 001

Love a sleeping picture!  Too cute!  My cuddly boy and his sweet Sammi.

2015-03-20 March 28 002

More therapy! I am always looking for toys / therapy tools that will help Brother meet his sensory needs so we can work on other things.  Therapist had this teether. When you bite it, it vibrates. Perfect for Alex!  So I took a picture so I could order it when I got home.  Because DON”T google “vibrating toy”.  There’s a reason we have to talk to our youth constantly about porn.  An innocent search returns terrible things!

2015-03-20 March 28 0042015-03-20 March 28 006

We saw this at the store and had to take a picture!  Our sweet Baby Bella!

And the side of our house.  It’s this thin strip of mulch.  So I put all of our mosaics and painted rocks there.  It makes me smile.

2015-03-20 March 28 0072015-03-20 March 28 008

I got to sub at VIPS three days this week.  Wow! My sister who works has my respect!  It’s not easy getting everyone where they need to be, on time, and get yourself to work! And then work and then cook and clean and be happy and do everything it is that moms do!

We found a new viola teacher for Lizzy.  He is located right here behind us in Oldham County.  He is fabulous!  He will help her progress so far!  I am so pleased!

Saturday we headed over to the Zoo. Jason has been wanting to go back since we went last on December 26th.  But Friday night he twisted his ankle.  We looked it up and realized they rent motorized scooters. We were quite a sight with our wheelchair, two strollers, and a motorized scooter!  We enjoyed a picnic at the zoo!  It was fun, but since it was the first nice weekend we have had all year, half of Louisville was there!

2015-03-21 March 30 0032015-03-21 March 30 0052015-03-21 March 30 0062015-03-21 March 30 0072015-03-21 March 30 0082015-03-21 March 30 0112015-03-21 March 30 0672015-03-21 March 30 0662015-03-21 March 30 0132015-03-21 March 30 016

2015-03-21 March 30 0142015-03-21 March 30 0152015-03-21 March 30 0172015-03-21 March 30 0182015-03-21 March 30 0212015-03-21 March 30 0292015-03-21 March 30 0422015-03-21 March 30 048

2015-03-21 March 30 0642015-03-21 March 30 0652015-03-21 March 30 0702015-03-21 March 30 074

Jason and I realize that so much of why our family works is because the big kids are always helping, so we try and do special things for them as well.  That afternoon Lizzy hung out (cause I can’t say Play date anymore, she’s 12!) with a friend.  Sammi had had enough social so she just wanted to retreat to her room.  So Jason and Jessi went to the Kentucky Science Museum.  She loved the time with her Dad and her “Mummy!”

2015-03-21 March 29 0052015-03-21 March 29 004

On Sunday I was sitting next to some young moms.  I was holding a sweet little baby and saying how I missed this stage.  One of the moms looked at me and said, but I can’t wait till mine are teenagers.  I thought about it.  How I love when they are little!  Everything can be fixed with a kiss and a snuggle!  You can shelter and protect them from the crazy world!  When they are big, it’s so much easier physically!  They can walk, talk, and look after their physical needs.  You can say, Let’s have a picnic and stand back and watch as they make sandwiches, pack fruit, and do all the work themselves.  How I love my family!  I am so grateful I was allowed to be a mother!