Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy Sunday to You!

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Bet you didn’t know this…

Jan 29 034The amazing things we learn from Kris!

Like it is impossible to eat six saltine crackers in under a minute.

Here we are getting ready to test this and then failing!  :)



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Get to know you post

My favorite sound:  The laughter of a child (particularly mine)

My favorite feeling:  The Holy Ghost

My favorite music: Music that makes me feel the Spirit (my fav feeling)

My favorite daydream: Being pregnant (like a normal person, not like me) or being chosen to raise another child

My favorite thing to do: Watch my kids being happy

My favorite place to go: Home

My favorite goal for the future: To do mission work (like the Christian world refers to mission work – digging ditches at orphanages, that type of thing)

My favorite thing to see:  I love to watch the wonder in the eyes of a child.

My favorite thing to spend my energy on:  Helping my kids develop and grow to be the best they can be

My favorite obsession: Adoption (read this post, long, but I LOVE Jane’s words that are quoted there)

My favorite truth: God lives!  I am His child.  He loves me!

My favorite calling:  Motherhood

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Teeth and Chocolate

image When we were taking Bella to the nursing home, I broke a tooth on a chocolate chip in a DQ blizzard.  On December 30th, I finally had time to go in and get it looked at.  One root canal and 2 crowns later, I am still wearing the temporaries. 

Then 2 weeks ago when I took the kids to the Children’s Museum, I broke a tooth on a chocolate chip in a chocolate chip cookie.  Today I made it in to the dentist.  This time I only needed to have 2 teeth rebuilt – no root canal! 

My dentist recommended I give up chocolate chips and start eating nice, soft chocolate cake!  A dentist that recommends chocolate?  What a good dentist!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Zoo Day!

Because of Martin Luther King Jr Day, the girls had off school.  Kris took them to the Houston Zoo!  Sammi and I stayed home and finished her schoolwork for tomorrow – she did not have today off.  Trouble with having kids in multiple schools!  :)  Sammi was OK with it, though.  She knows she gets days off that the other girls don’t get.

Looks like they all had fun!  One funny – Kris and Becca told me that when Joy saw the cheetahs, she signed “cat” and said, “Hi, kitty!”  Cute! 

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Another Week, Another Post

Jan 16 012


It was so cold in Houston – that is solid ice in my bird bath!  I’m glad the horrible cold spell is over.




The kids at the park

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Guess who learned to ride a two wheeler?

Jan 16 073

Then on Thursday night we went down to the Children’s Museum.

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Jan 16 087Look closely that’s Jon Howard!  We ran into the Howards at the Museum. Surprise!

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I loved this series of Joy!  She’s growing up so fast!

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My girls as TV reporters!

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