Friday, November 28, 2008

Christmas – Here We Come

We decorated for Christmas  - it’s one of my favorite things about the holidays!

november 27 021 november 27 023

Joy playing with the fabric nativity.                 Santa Jason setting up the tree.november 27 035 

  Daddy and his girls!

november 27 037 november 27 041

Decorating the tree                                     Lizzy and Joy playing with the nativity

november 27 031

The girls putting up the stockings – Lizzy showing us her extra stocking  from preschool last year.

Thanksgiving – Part I and II

Because both of our families are here in town, we enjoy two Thanksgivings.
On Thursday, we enjoyed dinner with the Turpins. Marissa hosted us this year.

This was our contribution:

november 27 044

The kids loved playing with their cousins.

november 27 045 november 27 046

I wish I had more pictures, but Joy got sick and I had to take her home.  Unfortunately, I took the camera home in my purse (ugh!), but Jason says that everyone had a wonderful time while I was gone.  I left at 3PM and he says the kids didn’t even notice my absence till about 7PM.  :)   Jason says Marissa’s turkey was absolutely wonderful!

Friday was Thanksgiving with the Balls.  This is the kid table:

thanksgiving ball 003 thanksgiving ball 008 thanksgiving ball 014

The kids had fun playing and we all enjoyed the food!thanksgiving ball 016 

I love this picture of Asia – she’s eating and talking to the man she loves!thanksgiving ball 018 thanksgiving ball 017

Playing around on the farm.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sammi’s Birthday

Today was Sammi’s 10th Birthday!  We chose all of the food we ate at each meal.  Breakfast – Fruit Coffee Cake

Lunch – Clam Chowder, crackers, and cheese

Dinner – Roasted Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Garlic Bread, Fruit Salad, Sushi

And then Cheesecake and Sherbet

From us she got some earrings, a peek a boo Barbie, new Scriptures, and a cool paper making kit.  Should I mention the fact that she woke us up at 5 something AM so she could open her presents before Daddy left for work?  Yawn!  So cute!

 Sam's bday 014 Sam's bday 015 Sam's bday 018

During the day the girls and I made Sammi and Jessi bunk beds – they are WAY excited!

Sam's bday 026

AND……big changes……Sammi and I went to WalMart and got her ears pierced!  She choose pink hearts.  She looks really cute.

Sam's ears 001

Sammi’s very exciting dinner:

 Sam's bday 027

And then present time – the common theme was money!  She got $20 from Linda    She got $25 from Grandma and Grandpa Turpin.  She got $20 from Asia.  She got $10 from Kathie earlier in the week.  She spent that on a Webkinz that she named Blue Bell.  Then she got this fun Webkinz from Grandma Ball.  She named it Goldie.

Sam's bday 029   Sam's bday 032

Sam's bday 033 Sam's bday 031

She wanted Cheesecake and I forgot candles (what a bad Mom!), so I grabbed a candle from the house for her to blow out.  Here we are singing “Happy Birthday!”  In case you were wondering, Sammi was sitting on a huge bouncy ball through all of this!  :)

Sam's bday 036

And finally, a picture of Sammi and her two sets of Grandparents!  Pretty Cool!

Sam's bday 040

Happy Birthday babe, I can’t believe you are ten years old!  We love you!

It is time for the Elves to Play again

Here are the fun antics of our little Elves
(each one is different so click each one)

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Turpins are Here!

Grandma and Grandpa Turpin are here for Thanksgiving! They and Marissa's family came over for dinner on Sunday after church. We had a nice visit.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

International Winter Wonderland

We went to the International Winter Wonderland Festival in the Woodlands yesterday.  We started our journey at the 99.1 booth.  Becca got a Christmas bell – which Joy is eating in the picture below.  Sammi and Lizzy won free ice skating tickets!  They are super excited!  Jessi got a fun Christmas bouncy ball.  They also had fun crafts for the kids to do.

winter fest in woodlands 001 winter fest in woodlands 003 winter fest in woodlands 008

We were so excited that Danielle’s family could join us.  Here we are trying yummy fried plantains with a great green sauce.

winter fest in woodlands 015winter fest in woodlands 010 

We went over to the International Stage to watch the Uzori Russian Folkdancers.  They performed dances from all over Eastern Europe – very cool!  The kids enjoyed waiting for the dancers to begin – they found a very cool hill behind us that they kept rolling down.

winter fest in woodlands 018  winter fest in woodlands 027

We got some turkey legs to eat – Joy loved them!

 winter fest in woodlands 022winter fest in woodlands 028

The girls and I have been studying Spain, so we really wanted to see the Flamenco Dancers – very colorful.    And then finally, our family on the waterway.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Piano Recital

Jessi and Sammi had their Piano Recital tonight.

They were the first two performers of the night and did very well.



I’ve been tagged!

Kathie tagged me for 5 joys, 5 fears, 5 obsessions, 5 surprising facts.
Let’s see…..
5 Joys
1. My family
2. My scripture time
3. Routine
4. Seeing my children happy
5. Watching my children learn new things

5 Fears
1. For Jason to die – I have NEVER been alone – what would I do?
2. For one of my babies to die – how could I live?
3. To disappoint someone (pretty much anyone)
4. To look bad (stupid, like a bad Mom, any negative adj.) in public
5. To fall from a high distance, to hit something or someone when I’m backing out, little phobias like that

5 Obsessions
1. Adoption
2. My kids
3. My relationship with my Father in Heaven
4. Being at peace inside
5. Home schooling

5 Surprising Facts
1. I hope my family is DONE after Jeffrey
2. I want another baby :) (see #1 and realize I’m nuts!)
At this point I had to ask Jason – I can’t think of anymore!
3.  I asked Jason to marry me! (not the other way around. Although Jason says, if you know me and my obsession for planning, this isn’t a surprise!)
4. I don’t like to shop (anyone shocked?)
5. I love Excel! and I obsess about money!

It’s Cold Here!

At least to us - it's 49 degrees outside.  We are freezing!

(Becca corrects me - I(Mom) am freezing)!

So we made a fire - thanks to Mama and Daddy and Hurricane Ike for the wood!
Joy loved the fire.  She thought it was fascinating!  We roasted white and pink marshmallows – yummy!

marshmellows 002 marshmellows 003

marshmellows 004 marshmellows 006 marshmellows 007 marshmellows 008