Sunday, November 02, 2008

Jessi is 8!

Jessi had a fun birthday.

On Saturday, her Daddy took her out to lunch – her choice – McDonald’s!! She had a lot of fun there.

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Grandma and Grandpa Turpin sent Jessi $25 to spend for her birthday. Jason and Jessi went to the bank and cashed the check. S6303886 Jessi wanted to hold the money (do you know where this is going? :( ). They got to Wal-Mart and Jason saw Jessi slip the money into her pocket. They had a great time trying to figure out how many presents they could squeeze out of $25! I think they were pretty successful – they chose a teddy bear, a two set of petite Barbies and two Polly Pockets. Unfortunately, when they went to pay, the money was gone. Thankfully her Daddy was there. All of the presents were bought. They searched and searched, but no money. Hopefully someone who needed $25 ended up with it!nov 1 002

Sunday morning (the actual bday!) Jessi opened her presents from us. She got new scriptures and a scripture bag. She chose little scriptures – very tiny print. She wanted them to be blue and she had her full name, Jessica Ann Turpin, inscribed on them. She also got another two set of the petite Barbies.

nov 3 004 nov 3 007

She and Jason made her birthday cake – triple chocolate fudge with chocolate fudge icing!

nov 3 009

After church, Asia and Aurora, as well as Nathan, Mandy, Grandma Ball and Grandpa Ball came over for cake and presents.

nov 3 010

thanks Asia!nov 3 014

Just a really good picture of Jessi!!

nov 3 017

She was so excited to get this from her grandparents – thank you!!nov 3 018

from Linda – thanks!!

nov 3 020

and finally the chocolate cake and chocolate ice cream. She is my daughter!! :)

Happy Birthday baby girl!

nov 3 025


Blarney Girl said...

This can't be right! You must be off by several years!! Jessi can't possibly be 8 already!! :D

Happy Birthday Jessi!!

Kathie said...

Wow! I can't believe how old she is - she is the baby I was there for the birth!

I love her cute little face when you guys were signing - she is a jewel of a child!