Sunday, March 27, 2016

Iroquois Park

The world is starting to wake up here.

Jason and I took Bella over to Iroquois Park.  We all had so much fun!



Saturday, March 26, 2016

Our Week–Jason’s birthday

Sammi made us this great primitive bread – it’s chewy in the middle and crusty on the outside – so yummy, especially with oil and cracked pepper!


Spring is coming!!


I couldn't help myself.  I had to buy some snapdragons.  Our neighbors said it wasn’t smart and not to plant anything until Derby Day – first Saturday of May.  But I have to have something blooming after winter!!  So we have snap dragons under our mail box and around our cement names out front.





Joy and up headed to the Women’s Conference.  We were to bring cupcakes.  Sammi decorated them so cute!  LOVED Women’s Conference, by the way!! We all felt so inspired to go and help!  It was such an answer to prayer for me.  My heart has been breaking and I had no idea how I could help.


More Spring!!


Jason finally got his stint out on Monday morning at 8AM.  He went to work – yea!  He hasn’t been there in a while.  He was feeling so much better.  And then 4 PM rolled around – and boom!  Another kidney stone.  Back to the hospital we went.  They were really busy and he had to wait a long time.  They finally got him some drugs five hours later (he wasn't happy!).  My boss came and gave him a blessing, which we were so thankful for!  Jason said the drugs took away the pain, but the blessing gave him peace.  Jas was admitted again.  Another stint was placed and they lasered another 5 mm stone.  We went home around dinner time on Tuesday.  Friday that stint came out.  So far, this year, we have meet three different urologists.  The good news is Jason has meet his out of pocket max for the year – in March.  (ugh!)



Jason’s 46th birthday was Thursday.

The girls’ sweet teachers helped them make this card and balloons for their Daddy – so kind!


I was so scared (he had been home since getting out of the hospital on Tuesday), but he REALLY wanted to go out for his birthday dinner, so we did.  He loved it!


Jason’s birthday cake – strawberry shortcake, of course!


Joy playing while waiting for the bus


Therapy – he loves it and I love his therapists!


Playing at the playground at VIPS!  How I love this school!


Easter fun coming home!