Sunday, May 27, 2012

Our Busy Week

Hanging out on a Sunday afternoon


Monday…Alex has some of the funniest faces!


Bella had to go in for lots of labs – I loved her glasses!  Swim team practice never stops.  Becca loving on Alex.


Did you know that insects breathe through tiny holes in the bottom of their bodies?  They can close these holes when they need to.  This experiment was called the Lazarus Experiment.  We “killed” our cricket by holding it under the water for three minutes.  Then he was placed on a paper towel to dry out, the salt helps this process, and yes, he came back to “life” as soon as he dried off.  Nathan thought we were so cruel – especially when we turned around and feed them to the lizard!  He said we killed the cricket twice!


He looked and acted dead.    Covered in salt, which we blew away.  And he’s back! Amazing!


Our outdoor dogs – they are so cute!


Fun lunch – pizza pockets.  I got the idea from Donna’s pinterest.  Doing school outside.IMG_8996IMG_8997

Swinging, and Duck, Duck, Goose


Feeding Alex and the Wii  (Nathan hates that I take his picture so often!)


Lizzy got ribbons for her improvements in time!


Tuesday – on Monday for Family Home Evening we talked about media and the time limits we have as a family.  Sammi finishes her schoolwork by noon.  So she painted and she baked.  We decided it was like the song on Tangle.


Therapy shots


Loving on Alex  and Becca ready to go to the Spring ConcertIMG_9048IMG_9049

Jason made us some videos from the concert:

Headed out for a bike ride


Wednesday             Joy loves her brother – and he loves her back!


School and Art lessons


The girls and Nathan went swimming.

IMG_9055photo (33)

Thursday  - Every morning this is where I find Lizzy – with the puppies.

This crumbled up piece of paper represents lots of different feelings to me.  Joy is being re-zoned for next year.  Everyone has told me, and they were right, that the special ed kids get tossed between the schools.  They do it all by numbers.  So next year we are at a new school.  It upsets me for many reasons, but there is hope for next year.  Assuming nothing changes, the teacher that Joy (and possibly Bella) will have had a brother with Down syndrome and had a sister with a trach.  She seems perfect for my girls.


More lovings


Thursday night we had our second post placement social worker visit for Alex’s adoption.

Friday was a great day for Becca!  She is finished her classwork for her Sophomore year in High School.  That afternoon her Daddy took her to DPS where she passed her driver’s test!   That night she and her Daddy went to Orchestra Banquet where she got an award for the “Most Improved Musician”.  A great day!

photo (36)IMG_9069IMG_9074photo (34)

A great picture of Jessi and of course, Alex!


5:45AM saw Jessi, Bella, Alex, and I headed downtown for more tests for Bella.  She was having an abdominal ultrasound.  She has been having some pain.  Jessi was so very helpful!



My little girls watching you tubes videos.  Jason made Becca some keys for the cars.


Summer is here in Houston.  It is hot!  But we did enjoy the bounty of summer crops for dinner!  Sweet Jessi and Alex. 


Loved this picture – even with the milk on his face!  He is such a happy boy!  We love him so much!  We learned a new phrase this week from Becca’s friend, “Wo ai ni.”  (pronounced w /short o/   eye    knee)  It means “I love you.”

Wo ai ni Alex!



Swim Meet pictures – so blazing hot! Jason and I split the day and yes, I still got sunburned!