Sunday, May 13, 2012

Our Week

A brother in our ward knows how much we love flowers.  He brought over some of his lilies.  So kind!   My girls on a Sunday afternoon

may 13 003may 13 004may 13 008

Dentist on a Monday for Joy.  I actually took everyone – here they are watching TV.  Poor drugged Joy.


PT – sliding, jumping, and checking up on Alex

may 13 010may 13 021may 13 019may 13 023may 13 025may 13 030may 13 032

Cucumbers and potatoes and our peach!  The squirrels didn’t get this one!

may 13 033may 13 034may 13 062

Dancing to the Wii with Bella and Joy.  Becca helped as the teacher assistant at the district wide String Fling for all the 5th graders.  5th Grade Strings in now over for the year.  She has loved it and it has confirmed to her how much she loves to teach music.

may 13 035may 13 038may 13 040

Sammi begins her quilt – one square done, 23 to go!  She tried to do one a day this week.

may 13 036may 13 042may 13 043

Our adorable Didi.           A grammar game during school

may 13 047may 13 049

Music Therapy

may 13 053may 13 054

Joy took this mess and sorted it to this.  So proud of you Joy!

may 13 056may 13 057

Various cuteness

may 13 059may 13 061may 13 066may 13 067may 13 068may 13 074

Lizzy’s art work, a cicada emerging, and Joy and Bella dancing

may 13 076may 13 080may 13 078

Alex is still so squishy cute!   Joy being Joy    Bella making mat man – and speaking some of the parts!

may 13 081may 13 082may 13 084

We were given a ton of squash and zuchini  - I made three loaves of bread, cooked some, and am planning to freeze some.  It just keeps giving…   Isn’t this great?  Bella upstairs planning with the girls!?

may 13 086may 13 095

Daddy and Alex

may 13 087may 13 090may 13 106

Working on our right side

may 13 092may 13 094

Joy brought these home from school – so sweet

may 13 096may 13 097may 13 099

Cuddles and cuteness

may 13 100may 13 101may 13 102

One reason I love this man – when she won’t sleep, Daddy can get her down.  An Arabella first – a bath in the bathtub!

may 13 103may 13 108

Fun hair for Becca, nothing better in the world than “j-oi-ce”, and activity days for Lizzy

may 13 113photo (24)


Saturday – swim practice every day and then Saturday was time trials.  I have no pictures of Lizzy swimming because I was timing or scribing the whole time.  But she had fun and that is what is important!        Jason and Becca went to see The Avengers with TFME.  They had a great time!


In the afternoon we drove up to the farm.  The puppies are so cute!!



Mother’s Day. This is the first Mother’s Day in a long time that I haven’t been at the hospital with Bella. What a blessing to be home surrounded by the people who made me a mother. I am so blessed!

may 13 104may 13 105

My men in ties!                                                       Alex smiling – doesn’t it melt your heart?

may 13 110may 13 111photo (25)

Tickling Alex (the nurse and Bella talking in the background)

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