Sunday, February 27, 2011

Our Week

We are always busy, but for some reason this week felt busier than normal.  I think it’s just that I have too many big projects going on right now. But soon, hopefully, they will end and my stress level will go down – the joys of deadlines!2-24-11 0022-24-11 003

In addition of our normal 12 therapy appointments, Fitness Club, Garden Club, Girl Scout Cookie Booths, picking up and dropping off, extra orchestra practice, piano and viola lessons, there was the natural gas inspection, the Elementary school Open House, and activity days for both Jessi and Lizzy, oh, and the hoe down.  Thank goodness I have a crock pot!  I scheduled a Sonic run this week – so I couldmarch 1 020 go and buy myself a drink, of course I was also running to the bank to pay the Harris County Fire Marshall, but I got my drink!  This week a phrase from Elder Uchtdorf kept running through my head, “It’s easy to be busy.”  I need to schedule some time to contemplate that. 

Linda has been taking the Wilton Cake Decorating Class.  On Monday night she brought over some cupcakes for Family Home Evening – yummy!  Jason adores buttercream frosting!

Working  and working and working on the play set.

march 1 004march 1 007march 1 035march 1 043

Daddy finished the swing set – a four day project!  Yeah Daddy!! Finally done!

march 1 068

Playing and playing

march 1 072march 1 077feb 25 001march 1 049march 1 048

Evidence of Spring!

march 1 078march 1 079

Pruning the Peach Tree

march 1 085march 1 086

Cute Joy going to school

2-24-11 0042-24-11 005

The fruits of Sammi’s labors from Garden Club.  We cooked it up for dinner that night.  Thanks Sammi!

2-24-11 008march 1 0652-24-11 012

Cute Lizzy before Fitness Club – I love the time when we go to drop her off.  It’s just her and I.  I have to turn around and bring Jessi to school in 25 minutes, but she and I get to be alone for a second.

By Thursday I was feeling a little overwhelmed.  My sweet Jason brought me home some beautiful flowers and roses for the garden.  Working in the dirt and seeing those flowers was so restorative to my soul!

march 1 002march 1 003

Kris came and spent Thursday evening with us – we loved that!feb 25 006

Hoe Down!!!

feb 25 013feb 25 017feb 27 007feb 27 026

march 1 092march 1 099

Two Stepping with Lizzy

march 1 100march 1 103

Friday night Jason and I had plans for dinner and the temple.  I was so excited – I am in need of that peace and time to learn, reflect, and receive inspiration.  Alas, nursing issues arose.  We got to run grab a bite to eat, but no temple.  And the temple is now closed till March 15th.  Just have to make my half hour morning study time more meaningful, I guess.

Saturday brought us the Stake Young Women Hike – four miles.  I loved it!!feb 27 036feb 27 040feb 27 041feb 27 042

and Sammi found a four leaf clover! – blurry picture – but truly a 4 leaf clover!  That evening Nathan and Mandy had piano recitals.  They did a really good job – and then we went out to eat.  I enjoyed that!

feb 27 045feb 27 046feb 27 047

Videos–How Down and Piano


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Our Week–a Busy One

Last Sunday all of the Houston Turpins gathered at our house.  We had a really nice time.  This is the closest we have come to a family picture in a long time.  We said we just need to Photoshop Angie and her family in!

feb 15 001feb 15 005feb 15 009feb 15 010feb 15 013

Then Monday was Valentine’s Day – and Grandma and Grandpa left us and headed back to Iowa.  We will miss them.  We enjoyed having them stay with us.

feb 15 024feb 15 025feb 15 026feb 15 028feb 15 029

feb 20 013The rest of the week – we had to go to the doctor’s for TB tests, which of course required a trip to McDonald’s.  Anything requiring needles necessitates the trip.  My children won’t let me forget!  Two days later we were back – five negative results – yeah!


Lizzy, on one of the days she was feeling well, being Lizzy.

  feb 20 001feb 20 003

Daddy cleaned out his closet – I was so excited!  Young Women’s garage sale and the trash can is where most of his stuff ended up.  And a sick Lizzy and Joy picture.feb 20 009feb 20 014

Playing with Valentine goodies and Bella’s crown from her mat.  Playing with our girl.

feb 20 021feb 20 022feb 20 028feb 20 030

Playing outside – including Bell!!

feb 20 034feb 20 046

Jason and I taking CPR – only a few things left on the home study check list.feb 20 064feb 20 067feb 20 099

Sammi found a ladybug and brought it to me!  I am taking it for a sign!  Lady bugs are supposed to be good luck in Chinese adoptions, and while this adoption is not Chinese, I will take any luck I can get.  We had learned about a little boy that would be perfect for our family.  Well, we aren’t paper ready, so we couldn’t apply.  But I heard 60 (yes, 6 0) families applied for him.  Yeah for him!  I hope he will be blessed with a wonderful family.  But I wonder about us – who will choose our family against that many other families?  The CEO of the agency we are working with told me, (can you tell he knows me?), “I think the best option for you is to relax, breathe and trust in Heavenly Father to put the pieces in place for you.”  It all comes back to faith, and a little bit of luck won’t hurt!

feb 20 071

On Thursday night Becca had a dress rehearsal for Solo and Ensemble.  So we went and spent 3 1/2 hours at the Forum.  I am always amazed at these kids – they play so very well! 


For some reason, Joy was fascinated by this fountain on Friday morning.  No amount of coaxing could move her away until she was ready.  She loved it!



feb 20 074feb 20 081

Which brings us to Saturday – the work day.  We had to take down the trampoline – kids in state custody are not allowed to play on them, so therefore, we cannot have one – at least until Little Brother’s adoption is final.  We plan on celebrating his adoption by putting the trampoline back up that day!  To make peace with our consciences and our children, we promised them a bigger, grander swing set.  So on Saturday, we took down trampoline, took down the swing set, ordered and placed 3 cu. yd. of dirt, had a doctor’s appointment, took and listened to Becca’s Solo and Ensemble, and took care of 7 extra children.  Sounds tiring, huh?

That morning I sent Jessi over to ask the neighbors if they wanted our old swing set and she came back with two extra kids.  We all had a good last jump on the trampoline and then took it down.

 feb 20 085feb 20 089

We started the new swing set by sorting through and labeling all of the wood pieces and hardware.  Then Jason started on that.  I raked the back yard and Sammi and I took down the old swing set. 

feb 20 075feb 20 096feb 20 097feb 20 106

Jason had to run to the doctor’s office for an apointment and labs.  While he was out, I asked him to order the dirt for our gardens (not thinking that they would deliver TODAY!)

Somewhere along in here, my brother Bob called to tell us he was headed to the temple and could Becca watch his children?  OK, and he was here ten minutes later.  The kids were really good.  They enjoyed Veggie Tales and we took them to the park to play.  Meanwhile, Jason and Jessi kept working on the swing set and the dirt was delivered – now we had to deal with it so that Jason could get his car out of the driveway on Monday!

feb 20 100feb 20 107feb 20 111feb 20 119

feb 20 093

And while he was here, my brother taught me all about pruning.  Our peach tree is budding and it’s pruning season.  Jason and I were really impressed with his knowledge of fruit trees!

The day continued and we had to run Becca Lynn over to Solo and Ensemble.  Their Ensemble played really well, and the then Becca did her solo.  The judge told her that she was a very good viola player.  Scores on Monday.  Sonic to celebrate!

Meanwhile, more assembly, and Katie was dropped off while her parents went to the temple.  Katie and Sammi worked hard trying to move three cubic yards of dirt from our driveway to our garden with only our trash can for a carrying container.

feb 20 120feb 20 122

Let’s just say, Jason and I fell into bed about ten – it was pitch black outside and we couldn’t move anything else to keep working.  The fruits of our labors are going to be sweet – the garden and the new swing set, and hopefully a new son.feb 20 123feb 20 125

Today I looked around and saw three little girls at home – Lizzy sick, Joy home because Jason and Becca had meetings before church, so it was just easier to keep her here, and Bella – and I decided we needed to do a nursery lesson.  What fun!  I am always amazed at the amount and quality of the resources the church gives to us!  What a blessing!  And no, Bella didn’t color that – she doesn’t know what a crayon is, but it was fun!

feb 20 143feb 20 144feb 20 146