Sunday, April 28, 2013

Our Week

Bella started school this week!!  What a huge step for our girl!  She is in Joy’s class and only goes for two days a week for two hours.  I am so proud of her!  Joy’s chicken from class that day – there was no way Bella was touching that paint.


The garden is amazing right now! Tomatoes on the Early Girls.  The tomatoes are getting so very, very tall!  Sammi loves the smell of the jasmine!  She would like to bottle it and use it in perfume and conditioner!  Our cabbage.


Pomegranates – who knew they had such beautiful flowers?


Roses and peaches


A dewberry and a fall leaf that was holding on.  Sammi loved the color!IMG_4582IMG_1081



  Becca got an amazing email this week!  She has been accepted into the Career Path internship program at ISU.  She was invited to apply based on her grades and class rank. She had to write an essay and get a teacher’s recommendation.  They accepted fifty applicants and Becca was one of them!  All we know is that she has the internship for four years and she’ll work with professors in her field of study.  So excited for her!!



Young Women – Inner and Outer Beauty



Being a toddler is exhausting


Music therapy….Bella is becoming more and more of a Daddy’s girl.  Joy listening to music.


Sammi wanted Daddy to do her science experiment on rods and cones in the eye. 

Working with Brother on standing


PT – Bella is changing again.  She is becoming more and more happy.  I guess that has something to do with her body finally working with her.  So happy for you Bella!


New Braille books!!  Love getting new books!  I was thrilled that we opened the book and he immediately put his hands out and tried to find the braille – yeah!  The torture sessions  reading time is paying off!  He is just so resistant to sitting and reading.  We just keep at it and rejoice when we see tiny glimmers of progress.


Cruising and discovering…So excited about this!  We have found that he likes this particular chair.  He’ll push it and walk around!! WAHOO!!  We stop and point out things he is passing – this is the beginning to O&M (orientation and mobility).  Basically pre-cane skills!  Awesome!


This video is from the first time we tried it.  The second time we did it we explored the room and the outside (but it’s not on video)

Thursday Mandy and Nathan came over for a while.  It’s always nice to have them over.


Friday night we had some fun!  When the girls went on their campout last weekend, there were no s’mores.  Sammi missed the s’mores, so on Friday night we made s’mores!

During the week Lizzy and I had watched an episode of Mythbusters where they explored Diet Coke and Mentos – fun!  We had to try it!


Bright and early Saturday morning Jessi and I went to the temple.  Jessi loved it there!  She said that the temple is amazing!  She’d like to come back.  Makes this Mama’s heart happy!



Lizzy and I went on a bike ride around the neighborhood.  We decided we are a bit of out of shape.  I’d say we went about 4 miles, and we were feeling it!


April’s Family Dinner – Italian hosted at Kathie’s.  We made mushroom risotto and Olive Garden’s Chicken and Gnocchi soup.  Yum!  We have lots of birthdays in May, but only Mama was there to be sung to!  Happy birthday everyone!


For your viewing pleasure, Brother giggling