Saturday, April 13, 2013

Friday @ Disney

Becca and I enjoyed the day at the Magic Kingdom with her orchestra. Her friend Zach joined the two of us to have fun on rides and enjoy the food.

We went to the Haunted House in the morning and enjoyed it.

We ate at Pinocchio's and Becca had gluten free pizza.

In the afternoon we went on the Pirates of the Caribbean, River Safari, Stitch, and somehow convinced Becca to ride Space Mountain.

We went to Monsters Inc Laugh House and enjoyed its show.

We then went to Downtown Disney for chicken and Becca's new favorite Gluten free bakery -Babycakes NYC . She loved their doughnuts.

The orchestras performed for Festival Disney and sounded great!
Photo: Klein Symphony Ochestra @ Festival Disney.
I think everyone crashed at the hotel and are ready for Saturday. 

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