Thursday, June 29, 2017

Falls on the Ohio State Park

While the littles are at their camps, we try to do something fun!

Today we went to the Falls on the Ohio State Park, then drove downtown to try out Steel City Pops.  (Lizzy has been wanting to do that for so long!)




Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Carnegie Museum of Art and History

Yesterday we picked up our Cultural Passes – there are 37 free activities to do in the city during the summer.  This morning I dropped Lizzy off at the church at 7:30AM for camp, then Alex at summer school, then the little girls at their summer program.  Jessi, Sammi, Ellie, and I then headed for the museum.

It was originally a Carnegie library – it is a beautiful Neoclassical building!


We thought the current exhibit was….interesting, but we loved this painting of New Albany by Morrison.


They have a fabulous permanent exhibit on the Underground Railroad.  Sammi LOVED that!

Loved this quote!

…if we would have God’s favor with us as a nation we must be right.  To be right we must do right.  Right does not depend on color  God is no respecter of persons or races.  he has made all of one blood, and he seeks the good of all and we must seek the good of all within our province.


Outside we saw this great relief and quote on the building’s side:

Books are the precious life blood of master spirits embalmed and treasured up to a life beyond life.


Afterwards we were hungry and I decided we would just walk around down town and find some place to eat.  We stumbled upon The New Albany Brewing Company.  Jessi and Sammi thought I was walking straight into Hell!  Smile  They were so cute!  They serve food here too!  They had the best hamburger they have ever had there. 


Monday, June 19, 2017

The Balls and Father’s Day!!

My parents came into town!!!  So excited to see them!  They live entirely too far away!

Daddy is currently at Hershey’s for work– yum – so he brought us a “little” chocolate!IMG_3242

I wanted them to try some Kentucky things, so we played Corn Hole and had Derby Pie.


Alex could hear it and wanted to check it out – he loved the bean bags!


Derby Pie and ice cream!   Nathan did some practicing against the water tower out back.


Sammi and Mama talked books and Sam showed her the new apartment in the basement.


My parents and me


Our Parents


We had a Father’s Day feast on Saturday night.


Ellie charmed everyone! (of course!)


Father’s Day for Jason – cereal in bed and a new tie


I know this kind of pictures are generally frowned on – pictures in church – but it made me so happy.  Becca and her little family, to their left, my parents, Nathan, and Mandy, the Turpins, and then two of my big girls.  To my right, Jason, Jessi, and the three littles.  Joy, true joy!

The Primary children sang two songs, and as always, Joy was the center of the entertainment, showing her daddy how much she loves him!  “From where I stand I look up to you.  Daddy, you’re awesome!  I’ll always love you!”  She had the ward chuckling.  Smile


Daddy had to fly out after Sacrament, so he got his Father’s Day gift at church – a Louisville hat.  (hint, hint)


It was a quick visit, but I was so happy to see everyone!