Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Trying to be a good person, I try not to be proud.

But, there are two things I take pride in. (and believe it or not, feel no guilt about)

1. My hair – I LOVE the color of my hair.  I love being a red head! 

I always imagined I’d have all of these red headed little boys running around.  Hmm..Maybe some Grandsons?

2. My Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe.  It has finally reached perfection level!  They are so yummy it is becoming a problem!

2015-02-25 feb 25 001

Cream 2 sticks of butter, softened, with 3/4 cup of sugar and 3/4 cup of brown sugar

Mix in two eggs and one teaspoon of vanilla

Add 1 teaspoon of baking soda and salt

Mix in 2 1/4 cups of  flour and then add 2 cups of semi-sweet chocolate chips

Roll into balls about an inch wide or about a heaping teaspoon

Freeze balls

Bake at 350 degrees for 14 minutes.


Sunday, February 22, 2015

Snow Week!

Seriously!  An entire week off of school, not being able to go anywhere, stuck inside – ahh!!

I never would have guessed on Sunday!  Jason mentioned the upcoming storm during the day.  That night we drove over to see the new lights on the walking bridge to Indiana.  It’s pretty.

We stopped by Jason’s office on the way home.  He wanted to get some stuff from his office so he could work from home on Monday.  We saw this in his office.  There are five Jasons in his office.  Since he is the newest one, he is #5, hence the picture.  I thought it was cute!  He works with fun people!

2015-02-15 Feb 24 0012015-02-15 Feb 24 006

But if I knew what was coming, I would have kept driving.  Let’s go anywhere!  Anywhere South, that is! The snow just kept coming and coming and coming, day after day after day.

2015-02-16 feb 18 0012015-02-16 feb 18 0022015-02-16 feb 18 0072015-02-16 feb 18 010

2015-02-17 feb 18 0022015-02-17 feb 18 0032015-02-17 feb 18 0042015-02-17 feb 18 0062015-02-21 feb 24 0102015-02-22 Feb 24 0332015-02-18 feb 18 0132015-02-18 feb 18 014

2015-02-18 Feb 24 0052015-02-18 Feb 24 0062015-02-18 feb 24 012

I LOVE this picture!  It basically sums up our fascination/dread/interest with all of the snow!

“Really?  Will it ever stop?”  They tell us that there hasn’t been a storm like this since 1994.  Good, cause I like the snow and then to have it gone the next day – that is much more normal Louisville weather!

2015-02-18 Feb 24 007

Sammi thought this icicle was great!

2015-02-21 feb 24 0052015-02-21 feb 24 008

Joy, who loves the snow, thought it was great.  And kept trying to go outside.  And then asking for hot chocolate!  :)  Which, by the way, she doesn’t drink, she just holds.

2015-02-16 feb 18 0052015-02-16 feb 18 008

Keeping Joy and Bella busy!  They are so crazy and fun!

Lizzy baked cupcakes.  Sammi helped frost. Bella helped with beater clean up!

2015-02-16 feb 18 0112015-02-16 feb 18 0122015-02-17 feb 18 010

Using some of the stickers and stamps from Valentine’s Day to stay busy!

2015-02-17 feb 18 0112015-02-17 feb 18 012

Playing Hide and Seek- love it!

2015-02-17 feb 18 0142015-02-17 feb 18 013

One of Lizzy’s bday presents came.  It is a beehive necklace.  She loves it!2015-02-17 feb 18 0182015-02-17 feb 18 019

Poor, cute, silly Joy! 

2015-02-18 feb 18 0022015-02-18 feb 18 0032015-02-18 feb 18 004

Playing Barbies

2015-02-18 feb 18 0072015-02-18 feb 18 009

After a while, there’s not much to do but Netflix!  (notice the lack of real clothes – PJs day in and day out!)

2015-02-18 feb 18 0102015-02-18 feb 18 0112015-02-18 feb 18 0122015-02-17 feb 18 0202015-02-19 feb 24 024

Lizzy and Joy outside – so cold!

2015-02-16 Feb 24 0052015-02-16 Feb 24 006

The little girls playing together.  Lots of tube feedings this week because someone wasn’t too interested in eating.  Joy, on the other hand, ate a whole loaf herself.  I made bread one day and Joy decided this loaf looked awesome!

2015-02-16 Feb 24 0112015-02-18 feb 24 013

This is something fun we did to entertain ourselves!

Lizzy played with the neighbor.  They went sledding in her backyard.  I think they were outside maybe  ten minutes, maybe.

2015-02-18 Feb 24 008

Bella and I braved the roads on Thursday for a pulmonary appointment, and then to Liz’s doctor’s appointment. Pulmonary was very pleased with Miss Bella.  Really, quite the miracle!  No hospitalizations since last March – no oxygen since then as well!

She waits best by taking selfies and videos!               Lizzy has a virus, just have to wait it out.

2015-02-19 Feb 24 0112015-02-19 Feb 24 0122015-02-19 Feb 24 018

I found a decluttering challenge on Facebook and I did it for two days!  It’s supposed to last all of Lent. Oh well. 

De-cluttering the linen closet.  There’s not a lot to declutter around here.  After going through everything to put the house on the market last year, and then moving, there’s not a lot.  But I loved getting rid of extra “stuff”!

2015-02-19 feb 24 022

I was so excited to get these girls OUT of the house on Friday.  We drove over to therapy.  Joy did well and had a blast!  Getting to run, jump, tumble, all of those big movements – oh, how she needed them after being cooped up all week!  Bella, though, wanted none of it.  A couple of hours later, I found out why.  She was sick.  Poor thing!

2015-02-20 Feb 24 0012015-02-20 Feb 24 0052015-02-20 Feb 24 0062015-02-20 Feb 24 0072015-02-20 Feb 24 008

Lizzy’s virus lasted five days.  And it has started to spread.  First to Bella, then Joy, then to Brother.  Fun times!

2015-02-21 Feb 24 0022015-02-21 Feb 24 0042015-02-22 Feb 24 039

Look at Sammi’s beautiful hair!  This is a huge change.  I cut off like ten inches!  She was freaking out a little, but we all think it looks so nice!  All of those beautiful curls!

2015-02-22 Feb 24 038