Sunday, September 30, 2012

Our Week

Sept 30 001Sunday during Class Presidency meeting Sammi gave the Beehive she made from clay to her Beehive advisor, Emily Kikuchi.  She has so much going on, but she still finds the time to love on her Beehives.  Sammi adores her!


I was so proud of Jessi this week.  Truth be told, she is struggling in Junior High.  I don’t think the work is too hard for her, at all. But her ADD is kicking her!  Having seven teachers and three lockers is a lot to adjust to.  We have sat down together and made goals.  We talk before and after school every day.  But I found this – her planner.  My stress load with Bella’s decannulation this week was at max level, so I didn’t take the time to write goals with her.  And I found she did them herself – so proud of her!

My Lizzy is a mover and a doer.  She isn’t a reader.   She doesn’t play with toys.  She wanted to play a game, so Life with Daddy it was!  Monday night the orchestra went to iT’Z.  Very fun! 

We took Bella and Joy to the eye doctor.  Both girls got great reports!  We don’t have to go back for two years! 

IMG_0928Sept 30 003Sept 30 004

Monday a teacher for the visually impaired came out to see Alex.  I learned a couple of things.

This is Alex reaching for a ball!  (Did you feel the earth shaking in excitement?)

Sammi’s science experiment – very cool!

Tuesday we picked up Kris from the airport.  We flew her in to stay with the girls the three days I was going to be at the hospital with Bella.  There were performances on the piano for Kris.  I had to take a couple of pictures of Bella – the last with a trach!


Just for fun

Kissing on Didi and he kissed back!


On Wednesday I took Bella to the grocery store.  Her first trip ever!  I could almost hear her saying, “It’s just like Miss Rachel (from Signing Time) told me on the video.”

Sept 30 009

Wednesday Bella and I went to Texas Children’s Hospital where Bella was decannulated.  With the simple removal of her trach, Bella left that part of her life behind.  You are amazing Bella!    (more on her blog)  Kathie came down to TCH and brought me chocolate!  What a sweet sister!

Sept 30 012Sept 30 016

Waterfall braid from Kris                       Kris and Bec talking


Back at home – Jason and I packed up all of the trach/vent supplies.  Emotional.

Joy had to check out Bella.  :)


Sweet Emily Kikuchi brought over a cake to help us celebrate Bella’s victory!  Sammi made a gluten free cake for Becca, Bella, and Kris.  So sweet and so yummy!


Friday Kris took the girls to Hansel and Gretel down at the Miller Outdoor Theater.  Later Lizzy joined some friends and went to the zoo.  A fun field trip!

Sept 30 030Sept 30 018Sept 30 022Sept 30 026

For my birthday, we got a new desk! Jason surrounded with all the pieces! Everyone teased me because I looked like Curious George, the Monkey, using my hands and feet to put things together! Joy “helping!”


Joy started a new dance class.  She loved it!  I don’t like that it’s downtown, but what can I say?  It’s with the Houston Ballet.  They have arranged this special adaptive dance class for kids with Down syndrome.  What a great opportunity!

IMG_0955Sept 30 037

Saturday night Mama, Kathie, and I went to Carrabba’s and then over to the Stake Center for the Relief Society General Broadcast.  It was the best meeting!  I heard so much I need right now in my life.  I am so grateful that I went. 

Sept 30 038

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Our Week

Joy and Bella playing – this makes me so happy!  Therapy timeIMG_0786IMG_0789IMG_0807

Science experiments – she was learning about global warming and the green house effect, meanwhile Lizzy is learning about how bones give us shape and support our bodies.  She also learned about how important Cerebrospinal fluid is.  It protects our brains.  We now from Alex that too much of a good thing is a bad thing though.


After being dropped, your brain without CSF    your brain with CSFIMG_0796IMG_0797

Swimming at a friend’s house                  Poor baby was worn out!


The Down Syndrome Association  of Houston lets us know that Bouncing Bears has a Special Needs night.  So we went on Tuesday evening.  Our cousin Grace went with us.  The girls had a blast!  We grabbed ice cream cones afterwards!  Thanks Bouncing Bears!

 sept 23 002sept 23 003sept 23 006sept 23 009

Cuddling babies and puppy


Art Club – they made clay pots.  With the leftovers Sammi made a person.IMG_0808IMG_0811IMG_0809                                          

Lizzy and Joy were playing together - so cute             Sammi and Joy painting


Alex feel asleep in his room playing with a toy.  So cute


Becca loves how when we put him at the piano, he opens his hands, rather than keeping them all curled up


Saturday was Mandy’s birthday party at MountAsia – and Kathie’s 37th birthday!

Happy birthday Mandy and Kathie!