Sunday, September 23, 2012

Our Week

Joy and Bella playing – this makes me so happy!  Therapy timeIMG_0786IMG_0789IMG_0807

Science experiments – she was learning about global warming and the green house effect, meanwhile Lizzy is learning about how bones give us shape and support our bodies.  She also learned about how important Cerebrospinal fluid is.  It protects our brains.  We now from Alex that too much of a good thing is a bad thing though.


After being dropped, your brain without CSF    your brain with CSFIMG_0796IMG_0797

Swimming at a friend’s house                  Poor baby was worn out!


The Down Syndrome Association  of Houston lets us know that Bouncing Bears has a Special Needs night.  So we went on Tuesday evening.  Our cousin Grace went with us.  The girls had a blast!  We grabbed ice cream cones afterwards!  Thanks Bouncing Bears!

 sept 23 002sept 23 003sept 23 006sept 23 009

Cuddling babies and puppy


Art Club – they made clay pots.  With the leftovers Sammi made a person.IMG_0808IMG_0811IMG_0809                                          

Lizzy and Joy were playing together - so cute             Sammi and Joy painting


Alex feel asleep in his room playing with a toy.  So cute


Becca loves how when we put him at the piano, he opens his hands, rather than keeping them all curled up


Saturday was Mandy’s birthday party at MountAsia – and Kathie’s 37th birthday!

Happy birthday Mandy and Kathie!


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