Sunday, September 27, 2009

Our Week

Besides our romantic getaway, what else happened this week?

Mandy was admitted and then discharged from the hospital.  Yes, she is home now.  So grateful for that.  Nathan stayed with us and got to do school with Sammi.  We actually made it to piano lessons for the first time in over half a year – truly an accomplishment.

sept. 27 2009 002 sept. 27 2009 038

Joy and Bella had therapy nine times.  Joy had a swallow study.

sept. 27 2009 003



I did laundry (sorry, thought I would keep it real).  :)




There was lots of loving goin’ on.

 sept. 27 2009 013 sept. 27 2009 018 

And Jessi and Lizzy were both Student of the Week at school! sept. 27 2009 039

Romantic Get Away

Everyone has been after Jason and I to get away or take time for ourselves.  What they don’t realize is we can’t leave Bella without someone trained to care for her.  She has nurses, right?  Yes, but they have lives.  So, for example, when no nurse showed up on Thursday Becca couldn’t go to math tutoring.  If no nurse shows up, I am the nurse.  It’s just our life and we have to roll with the punches.  We make no firm plans and just always hope for the best!

This weekend, though, we paid a sitter and left for the weekend!  We were picked up by the finest in transportation.  We were chaperoned by four very nice people.  We were taken to accommodations outside of Austin.  We were served meals and slept in a bed that was not our own.  We were then picked up again by the same chaperons and transported home to find our children alive and well.  What more could a couple ask for?  ;)

sept. 27 2009 019


Saying good-bye before we take off






sept. 27 2009 023


One of those cheesy – self portrait pictures   





sept. 27 2009 024


Our cutest chaperon






sept. 27 2009 026


Our excellent accommodations






sept. 27 2009 036


Two more of our chaperons and a lovely view of our transportation – admit it, you are jealous!  :)




So, what was really going on?  To qualify for the MDCP Medicaid Waiver Program, Bella had to spend the night in a nursing home.  The EMTs picked us up and drove us out there.  We stayed in our room until 7 AM when they picked us up and drove us home.  Nursing homes make me sad, especially this one.  So many people that society has just forgotten.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Please Pray for Mandy

My little sister, Mandy, is in the hospital again.  Her leg just won’t heal and an infection has developed.  Yesterday they pulled some of the liquid out from her wound to test.  Infectious Disease doctors are now involved.  I love the ID team!  They work to figure out exactly what is growing in there and then exactly which antibiotics you need to be on.  Mandy is in good hands there.  Today they are doing an MRI to see if they can rule whether it is a bone infection or a skin infection.  She could use your prayers!

Nathan stayed with us from when Mama and Mandy headed to TCH until last night when Daddy flew in early and was able to pick him up.  Nathan is getting older!  He definitely notices the lack of testosterone in my home!  :)  He likes the Wii, though.  He would play that all day if I would let him.  Unfortunately, he has a mean big sister, who made him do school with Sammi and learn about the Code of Hammurabi and the importance of cats in Egyptian society, not to mention the correct way to build a pyramid!

sept 24 009 sept 24 011

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Week in Review

sept 20 007Jason playing around on Becca’s Viola.  Becca is practicing so hard.  We are very proud of her devotion.  She is doing well in school.  She has learned that there are programs in KISD for students who want to go into the health sciences.  She is really excited about those!  In February, she will receive information from the school to start planning her courses for high school.  She has already written out her plans and has her goals on paper.  Does she remind you of anyone?  :)sept 20 008


Sammi doing her school work.  I love home school!  Where else can you lay on the porch swing and read your text books?


Sammi is very green and very aware of her environment.  For a while, she had a compost pile, the other day I was in the back yard and found this little tree growing from what used to be our compost pile.  Unless the internet has failed me, I think we have a papaya tree growing in our back yard!sept 20 014

sept 20 012

Sammi made us a cake – because it was Tuesday!

sept 20 026

Joy learned to walk backwards!  Bella had a doctor’s appointment at TCH.

sept 20 029sept 20 031

sept 20 036


Jessi and Lizzy’s school had a Family Fun Night at the pool.  They had dinner, swimming, and games.  We had a fun time.  Then Jessi went to a party with some friends from church.


sept 20 040Daddy had a busy week.  He went to the eye doctor where they treated his bluferitis and rosacia.  Then he went to the podiatrist where they carved out his in-grown toenail.  Poor Papa!  Two weeks of Epsom salt baths to look forward to.

sept 20 057 I love this picture!  While it’s not the best quality, it’s what it represents that I love!  After my nightly chores, I found the girls playing together.  I love it when they all play together!  

sept 20 046




Jason has started Daddy Daughter Dates back up!  They have made it all the way through Lizzy.  The girls really love these.  They enjoy their time with their Daddy!

Lessons from Joy

Today Joy wanted my help with something, but Bella needed me at that exact instant.  Weighing Bella’s life or death need versus Joy’s hunger issue, Bella won and I walked quickly away telling her I’d be back in a moment.

When I was done with Bella, I looked over at Joy.  She was deeply hurt.  She was sitting on the ground, sad and sobbing.  Oh, my heart stung for this little one who couldn’t understand, but knew I had disappointed her and left her.  I looked at her and started playing peek a boo with her.  After a few seconds, she came running to me smiling, but with the remnants of tears in her eyes.  I thought to myself, “If only I could be more like Joy and forgive so quickly and easily.  To feel so deeply, and yet forgive so easily.”

Three years ago Heavenly Father asked us to adopt Joy.  How grateful I am for the lessons we learn daily from this sweet joyful presence!

sept 20 019

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Another Week Has Passed

People keep asking how the kids are adjusting to school.  They are doing fine and they are going to be fine.

We took the girls out to a movie on Friday night.  Bella, of course, stayed home with the nurse.  The girls in the car and then blinded by the flash from the camera.  :)

sept 13 002 sept 13 004


sept 13 007We bought popcorn and drinks. The girls bought candy.  It was a nice time out and away!








Sweet Bella, out of her room!

 sept 13 010sept 13 011

My sister Mandy had a clown birthday party this year!  We had a lot of fun!

sept 13 012 sept 13 013 sept 13 014 sept 13 015 sept 13 018 sept 13 019 sept 13 020 sept 13 021 sept 13 022 sept 13 023 sept 13 024


An amazing balloon hat!





sept 13 026 sept 13 027 sept 13 028 sept 13 029 sept 13 030 sept 13 031 sept 13 032   


Happy Birthday Mandy girl!!







Finally, I need to introduce the latest member of our family, Clara.  She was my brother-in-law Ben’s cat.  With their move to Germany, Clara found her way to us.  She is the perfect cat – no claws, so patient, and litter-box trained.  Happiness for us!

sept 13 041

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Labor Day and Finished Pictures of the Floor

Here are some pictures of our finished floors!  Yeah – so glad that is done with.  :)  In the process though, our camera walked off.  We think it was helped by our 2 year old.  :)  These pictures are from Jason’s phone.

labor day 2009 007 labor day 2009 008 labor day 2009 009 labor day 2009 010

We had a combo labor Day/ Good-bye to Asia, Aurora, Gideon, and Ben party at our house on Monday.  It was supposed to be at Mama’s, but she asked if we wanted to do it at our house so both Jason and I could attend TOGETHER – novel concept.  We had a lot of fun.  Bella’s room was blocked off and we had a nurse that day, otherwise it would never have worked.

Jason grilled  - everything was very yummy!  We played on the Wii and just hang out.  We had a wonderful time!  Thanks for coming everyone!labor day 2009 005labor day 2009 011  labor day 2009 014 labor day 2009 015 labor day 2009 016 labor day 2009 018  labor day 2009 027  labor day 2009 030 labor day 2009 031    labor day 2009 036  labor day 2009 039