Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Labor Day and Finished Pictures of the Floor

Here are some pictures of our finished floors!  Yeah – so glad that is done with.  :)  In the process though, our camera walked off.  We think it was helped by our 2 year old.  :)  These pictures are from Jason’s phone.

labor day 2009 007 labor day 2009 008 labor day 2009 009 labor day 2009 010

We had a combo labor Day/ Good-bye to Asia, Aurora, Gideon, and Ben party at our house on Monday.  It was supposed to be at Mama’s, but she asked if we wanted to do it at our house so both Jason and I could attend TOGETHER – novel concept.  We had a lot of fun.  Bella’s room was blocked off and we had a nurse that day, otherwise it would never have worked.

Jason grilled  - everything was very yummy!  We played on the Wii and just hang out.  We had a wonderful time!  Thanks for coming everyone!labor day 2009 005labor day 2009 011  labor day 2009 014 labor day 2009 015 labor day 2009 016 labor day 2009 018  labor day 2009 027  labor day 2009 030 labor day 2009 031    labor day 2009 036  labor day 2009 039

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