Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Latest Home Improvement Project

New flooring for the living room and master bedroom.
august 31 002

Out with the old…

 august 31 016

Bare concrete, bare and dusty

And in with the new…
august 31 018 august 31 028august 31 023

  It was a family project  :)

august 31 032

With leftover scraps used for art projects


CYNDI said...

Wow! I am amazed by all that y'all do! I want to see the final product picture! I love you so

Donna Leavitt said...

And you had the time to do all this, WHEN? I am so amazed at all you do!

OPA said...

Wish I was there to help. I remember your first house and the flooring we did just before you moved. Are you moving?

It looks really nice

Kathie said...

I love the floors - so glad that you finally have flooring in your room again! It looks beautiful!