Sunday, September 20, 2009

Week in Review

sept 20 007Jason playing around on Becca’s Viola.  Becca is practicing so hard.  We are very proud of her devotion.  She is doing well in school.  She has learned that there are programs in KISD for students who want to go into the health sciences.  She is really excited about those!  In February, she will receive information from the school to start planning her courses for high school.  She has already written out her plans and has her goals on paper.  Does she remind you of anyone?  :)sept 20 008


Sammi doing her school work.  I love home school!  Where else can you lay on the porch swing and read your text books?


Sammi is very green and very aware of her environment.  For a while, she had a compost pile, the other day I was in the back yard and found this little tree growing from what used to be our compost pile.  Unless the internet has failed me, I think we have a papaya tree growing in our back yard!sept 20 014

sept 20 012

Sammi made us a cake – because it was Tuesday!

sept 20 026

Joy learned to walk backwards!  Bella had a doctor’s appointment at TCH.

sept 20 029sept 20 031

sept 20 036


Jessi and Lizzy’s school had a Family Fun Night at the pool.  They had dinner, swimming, and games.  We had a fun time.  Then Jessi went to a party with some friends from church.


sept 20 040Daddy had a busy week.  He went to the eye doctor where they treated his bluferitis and rosacia.  Then he went to the podiatrist where they carved out his in-grown toenail.  Poor Papa!  Two weeks of Epsom salt baths to look forward to.

sept 20 057 I love this picture!  While it’s not the best quality, it’s what it represents that I love!  After my nightly chores, I found the girls playing together.  I love it when they all play together!  

sept 20 046




Jason has started Daddy Daughter Dates back up!  They have made it all the way through Lizzy.  The girls really love these.  They enjoy their time with their Daddy!

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