Sunday, September 30, 2018

Sunday and Church

I have been taught these last two Sundays a great lesson that I hope I never forget.  
I am a church goer. I am a Sabbath Day keeper. 
Our family can be found in the last pew every Sunday. We will not be stopping at the store or, to Joy’s lamentation, at McDonald’s for some “cow pies” (French fries 🍟 to all of you non SLPs out there) on the Lord’s Day.  Instead we will be either at church or at home.  Some Sundays are filled with extra church meetings, depending on our current church service assignments, but nonetheless, pretty much, church and home.  We will have a big Sunday dinner.  If they are in town, Jason’s folks will join us.  If they are well, Beccas family will join us.  It makes for some crowded but very enjoyable evenings.  

Last week in an attempt to fit in everything, bday party, cultural Festival, lawn, groceries, and a college family weekend, we visited on Sunday instead of Saturday like I would normally do. I felt justified.  But late Sunday night, as I faced having to get up at 5:30 AM to start my Monday, I suddenly felt so drained.  Another full week looming before me, and there had been no rest.  And I thought of Mark 2:27, The Sabbath was made for man. 

So fast forward one week.  Today I had an early meeting. I sat in Sacrament with all of my crazy, not reverent people plus my Granddaughter because my oldest wasn’t well.  The meeting wasn’t anything to write home about (sorry!), I had to take my Autistic son outside twice and my granddaughter once.  My 11 year old decided to have a stubborn DS moment and refuse to go to class, so I got to sit with her for the next two hours.  In short, not the best church experience ever. But I’m so glad I went. 

Today I took the emblems of my Saviors atoning sacrifice for me.  I prayed.  I fasted for personal guidance in my life. I had a wonderful dinner with my family. (It was great, Jason!) And I was forced (chose) to slow down because it was Sunday and this is what I do on the Sabbath.   What a blessing it is to keep the commandments.  He knows what He is doing when He gives us directions and guidance - and I’m grateful for that!!

Saturday, September 29, 2018


Ellie and Bennett were with us through Saturday. 

Crazy Grandma – makes everything into therapy.  Ellie is going to have great fine motor skills!

Playing in the gym while Bella did her PT.


Love it when I can capture these sweet moments.


The Association of Chinese Americans of Kentuckiana held a Mid-Autumn Festival at a local park.  Kai LOVED it!  I wished he could run play with the other kids, but all he really wanted to do was sit and listen – Chinese music playing over the loud speakers, people talking all around, Chinese food and smells, and Moon Cakes.  He was a happy guy!

IMG_4700IMG_4701IMG_4702 IMG_4703

Joy and Bella went to a birthday party for a guy in their class.  It was the best party!  It was at an arcade/putt putt place.  It was raining, so we couldn’t play mini golf, but the kids loved the arcade!  No one knew really how to play, so they just had fun.  When the game got boring, they would walk away and parents ended up finishing up the game.  The girls had a great time!

This weekend was also family weekend at EKU.  We drove up on Sunday to be with Jessi.  Sammi and Lizzy really wanted to see her dorm and campus.

IMG_4707IMG_4709IMG_4712IMG_4713We could have brunch at CASE dining hall for $9 a person or we could go out.  Jessi chose out – she eats at CASE three times a day.  We found a great sushi place right by campus.  We loved it!!


Saying good-bye is so hard!


Sammi works at Sweetness M-F, but doesn’t drive yet.  Which means we have to pick her up every night.  Jason is so well known, they just make him his “usual” every time he walks in the door Smile   Bella thought she was in heaven to be able to go to Sweetness with me!  “Best day ever!”


For Kentucky Kid Day, the Louisville Bats mascot, the Bellarmine basketball team, the Louisville Ballet, the Mayor, just a ton of great people came to the girls' school!  They had the best time!!IMG_4727 (Edited)IMG_4728 (Edited)

IMG_4765 (Edited)

My beautiful Fall mum!  I decorated the house for Fall – I LOVE Fall!!IMG_4731

The life cycle of a butterfly, all tactile.  Then the objects from The Very Hungry Caterpillar, in raised ink.  LOVE KSB!


Jumping on the trampoline – should have made this into a video – the sounds of laughter – LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!


My attempt at Cornish Pasties – filling was yummy, crust was a little thick!


I chaperoned a field trip for Lizzy!  My sophomore!  I love being with her and seeing her world!  We walked down to the Speed Art Museum.



Look at the size of that tapestry!


Becca and Blake are going to build a house.  They took us on a tour of the model and then out to see their lot selection.  Sammi wanted to go inside Cracker Barrel.  She loves their collections!  Isn’t our Benny adorable??


Sam bought this cute hat and coat.  She is so adorable!


Thursday, September 20, 2018


Blake and Bec took a much deserved vacation, without the children.  Which means we are having a lot of photo opportunities!!