Saturday, March 29, 2014

Our Week

BECCA WAS HERE THIS WEEK!! It was Spring Break at ISU, so we got her!!

My whole family at church  - wahoo!


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To thank them for their help with the garage sale, we had the Sutherlands over for dinner.


Six of the seven at the dentist.  If I had known Bec was going to be in town this week when I made the appointment six months ago, it would have been all seven!  But the best news of all – NO CAVITIES!!


Monday was Jason’s 44th birthday!!  He already had his present (his bike), but the girls wanted him to open soemthing, so they got him some fancy cheese and a chocolate covered Peep! :)  We made sure he had his favorite drink, vanilla Dr. Pepper.  Then we had dinner – steak with Bearnaise sauce, rolls, salad, and strawberry shortcake for dessert.

Happy birthday to my Jason!!



Linda shares Jason’s birthday, so we invited her over too .  We were able to give her the picture of the kids at the temple and some flowers.


Hanging around


Sophie and her kitties


Liz and Joy have a cute relationship.  They are the closest in age and at the same school.  I love how she loves her and how she takes care of her at school.            

These two ready for school!


Becca time!


The Sutherlands got this book for Alex while they were in Maryland.  They recorded their voices reading it and then Becca and I brailled it!  Awesome!

Sammi is very nervous about the upcoming EOC (End of Course) exam for English.  It’s pass or repeat.  No pressure!  She got a 4 on her practice essay (out of 4 – yeah Sam!)

Lizzy was Becca’s shadow while she was here.  Liz made Bec a card to thank her for hanging out with her.


Becca went to the pediatrician on Tuesday and then the neurologist on Thursday.  We were back to the neurologist for tests.  Poor kid. She has messed up her C7.  We are hopeful that the doctor will be able to help her elievate her pain. 

We got to meet up with Sister Chalk  - very nice!


The girls and I went to the General Women’s Meeting.  First we meet Kathie and Katie, and Mama and Mandy at Eden’s CafĂ© for dinner.  We loved the broadcast.  I loved looking over and seeing Lizzy and Jessi with their arms around each other.


Kittens!!  Becca gave them all musical names – Mozart, Brahms, Beethoven, and Bach (you should hear Joy say Bach – so cute!)


Becca went to the Asian market to see what exciting things Brother might like.  He loved the shrimp crackers, and purple yam cakes.  He likes the melon yogurt drink.


While Bec was here, there was Frozen yogurt runs and Boba runs.


Therapy continues                   Spring is amazing to me!


Joy is my joyful girl!


Becca got in some Didi time.    And had some muscle work done


Bella’s work from school                      And an accomplishment at home – working on dressing and undressing herself!




Jason and I went out to dinner on Friday night to Pappadeux’s for his birthday – super yummy!!IMG_3793photo 1 (2)photo 2 (2)

Saturday was such a beautiful day that Liz and I went out for a bike ride.


Meanwhile, Jason, Jessi, and Becca were down at the Galveston Isle Festival.

The Orchestra played and then the kids played on Kemah Boardwalk.

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