Sunday, March 02, 2014

Our Two Weeks

I love watching this cute boy playing.  Joy is so proud of her painting.  Sam’s friend gave her a Valentine.


Liz and Joy playing in the water!


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!  He is exploring!  He is checking out the grass and pine needles IMG_8370IMG_8376IMG_8377

And then he discovers the sprinkler.  Please click on the picture and see his face – he is so cute!


Remember how I said Bella had pneumonia and would recover at home.  Well, the best laid plans, right?  Bella actually had human metapneunomiavirus which turned into bilateral pneumonia. It’s a bad one, especially for someone like Bella.  We ended up at the ER at TCH where we were immediately admitted.  We bounced around floors – 14, to PCU, to ICU, back to PCU, and back to the floor.  It was a very scary time for us.  She has done so well for so long that this was a scary reminder of what life can be like.  She was so close to being intubated.  Such a scary time.  So grateful she is feeling better.


At home, Brother checking out the concentrator                           The ER



While I was gone for the week at the hospital with Bella, life kept going.

Kind people brought over dinner.  Spring continued to bloom.


Sammi did Joy’s hair.


Joy brought home her valentine’s bag and had a couch picnic.


Brother’s sensory kit came.


Joy feeding Brother


I spent the weekend at home while Jason spent it with Bella at the hospital.

Working with Brother with the switch – it turns on and off the vibrating pillow.IMG_8427IMG_8428

The cherry bush is amazing this year!       


Friend over.  Liz made necklaces with me.


Doing some cane work.  I’m reading a book on movement and travel in blind children.IMG_8446IMG_8447

Joy playing “ring a round the rosie” with her baby.


Joy brought this home for Jas and I.


IMG_8482Monday – During Speech therapy, his therapist said, “It’s like he’s thinking about speech and breaking it down.”  He is a thinker and analyzer.  He has started touching our throats to figure this talking thing out.  Some speech sounds are starting to come out!!

(This video is from later in the week when Bella was home)

Monday Jason convinced the doctors that we could care for Bella at home.  So grateful to get her home and have that behind us!  Welcome home Bella and Jason!  Joy was so happy to have her sister back.  She kept asking me, “Bella OK?  Bella, sick?”  They would talk on FaceTime during the weekend.  So cute to see the love!


Joy brought home two awards from her teacher – determination and action.  So Joy! :)

Brother playing with a switch activated fan.  It’s safe for little fingers – so cool for discovering!IMG_8492IMG_8495

Jason and Liz went and picked up all of the books that Sammi had requested at the library.  Wish this picture had audio so you could hear the squeals of delight from these two!!

Bella continued to recover, slowly.  They wanted her stats above 95.  She wanted them in the low 90s.


Crazy Joy – this is how she leaves the house every day, with toast and milk in hand.  I can’t convince her that she can eat at home BEFORE school.  Jessi and Brother dancing!IMG_3494IMG_3495

Liz made a birthday book.  She is loving her craft club.  Bella loves her Daddy!IMG_8501IMG_8506

Joy reviewing her valentines with me, some beautiful roses Jessi and I saw at HEB, happy Brother jumping in PT


The 22nd was the Klein Solo and Ensemble competition.  Jessi played two pieces from Marelles.  We had to stop at Sonic afterwards! On Monday she found out she got an Excellent!  Way to go baby girl!


FHE – Thank you banana bread deliveries.  Sammi made us four loaves of banana bread that we delivered to everyone that brought us dinner while Bella was in the hospital.  We went and sang the Thank You song from Daniel Tiger to these kind families.  What fun to thank everyone and to drive around listening to loud music and singing in the van.  Lizzy said that is what she misses the most about Becca being gone.  She misses going places and singing to loud music!  Jessi piped up, “Just wait till I have my license!”  Fun girls!


Bella was NPO during her hospital stay, so she has been asking for food all the time now.  Great for feeding therapy!  She loves Brother’s new sensory kit!


Jessi and I getting ready for New Beginnings.  We had to get roses for all of the girls coming into Beehives.  This nice lady gave us all five, individually wrapped for the price of one, and then gave Jessi and I one each for free!  So very kind!  Look at all of these shirts for our cute YW!  We have so many YW!


Jessi found these Reeses Easter eggs – huge things!  I love her bookmark!IMG_3500IMG_3501

Sammi got a Charlie horse in her leg and it scared her.  Joy came rushing in and tried to hypnotize her.  Really?  Where did you see that Joy?


Open House at Mittlestadt Elementary.  Lizzy showed us all around. She showed us her and Joy’s awards.  Nice evening with our girl.


Friday night we were exhausted.  We bought Frozen and watched it while eating pizza.  Am I the only one on the planet that doesn’t like that movie?  I am thinking yes.  But Joy is too cute singing “Let it go!”


Brother and his sisters were exploring cabinets while Becca was skyping with them.  Brother discovered peanut butter – one happy boy!  I went to a baby shower and brought home some cupcakes.  Joy LOVES cupcakes – just the right size piece of cake!


Time to reclaim our yard from the winter. 


Love this picture!  Bella loves hummus as much as I do – her whole face was in that bowl!  Can’t you just hear her saying, “What?”


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