Friday, March 07, 2014

Our Week

My cane came in – now I can use it and Brother can hold onto it and learn what I want from him!

His spio suit came in, lots of sensory input from that suit – and he’s working on those stairs.IMG_8542IMG_8544

We had another ice day, but school wasn’t cancelled this time. It was really pretty though!IMG_8551IMG_8558IMG_8559IMG_8568IMG_8570IMG_8561IMG_8591

Working on her loom bracelets for kids in the hospital.  Another Bearkat award for SamIMG_8593IMG_8595

Some of Joy’s school work – Texas week!   Bella got an award for determination, so fitting!


And this cute boy – I love his faces!!


Happy Bella                                                         Cherries are coming!!


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