Sunday, April 26, 2020

Doing our best

Quarantine isn’t easy for this family. We have two that need constant supervision. We have one that is really not doing well. I am responsible for implementing four different IEPs.  And we have been doing this for way too long!!

For church, we meet as a family. One of the big girls chooses the songs and using the app, Sing Along, and her iPhone, she mirrors  it to the TV. I will miss that when we go back to church. I like the beautiful pictures and the bouncing ball showing us what sing. Choosing the music was my job when we lived in Indonesia and did church at home so it makes me smile to watch the big girls perform this
Service for our family.

Jason prepares and blesses the Sacrament for the our family. There is something remarkable about your husband offering you the emblems of the Lord’s Supper. Grateful he holds the Priesthood so he can do that!

Today was a particularly un spiritual Sabbath. The weather was yucky, overcast, and grey. The air felt heavy on our sinuses. Headaches were aplenty in our home.

My oldest is in the hospital with another bout with her autoimmune disease, and her babies needed their Grammie. Since she tested negative for COVID-19, they could come over. So their Daddy dropped them off for some Grandma and Grandpa time.

So combine my crazy household plus two emotional babies and you have us sitting down for Sacrament Meeting at the Turpin house. It was noisy, loud even. We weren’t even remotely reverent, but as my husband blessed the Sacrament, I thought about my Savior. I tried to imagine Him visiting us right that moment, and I thought, He’s proud of us for doing this. For worshipping the best we can. For trying. For not skipping cause it’s hard. For just doing it.

I am grateful for the lessons we are learning during this quarantine.  One of them is that grace abounds. That He loves us and when we do our best, that’s all He expects. Grateful for my Savior!!