Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Rest of 2011

Watching movies, playing with new toys and games

Jan 2 175Jan 2 176Jan 2 189Jan 2 193

Making gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches (with tomato bisque)

Jan 2 195Jan 2 178


Jan 2 179

Taking turns going to Linda’s to watch over her

Jan 2 196Jan 2 197

More playing and going to the mall with friends

Jan 2 200Jan 2 204Jan 2 206Jan 2 207

Ponyo lunch and more playing

Jan 2 208Jan 2 213

Grandma and Sammi sewing a new scripture bag

Jan 2 216Jan 2 217

Sleeping in the living room and clay creations

Jan 2 218Jan 2 222

Then the sickness hit.  Only two ended up in Urgent Care.  Upper respiratory infections, ear infections, some vomiting going on.  So fun!

Jan 2 223Jan 2 224

Jason and I were able to do to the temple. We both felt like we had been blessed for our attendance. Later in the week we went to the Movie Tavern – fun.

As 2011 ends, my new resolutions have been written, my house is trying to recover from two weeks of holiday fun, and I finally sent off the last payment for my student loan.  (wahoo!!  jumping up and down – a huge blessing that we have been working on for way too long)

Here’s to a great 2011 filled with blessings!  May 2012 be awesome!

Sunday, December 25, 2011