Friday, December 02, 2011

Sammi’s Birthday

Sammi turned 13!  She woke up early to open her presents: a sewing machine, jewelry, and Anastasia.  She wanted cold cereal for breakfast.  As you wish. IMG_6264IMG_6265IMG_6266IMG_6267

Sammi’s birthday was also the Ball Family Thanksgiving.IMG_6276IMG_6280

Sammi’s gift from Grandma Ball:  sewing lessons.  Grandma Turpin took Sammi out and helped her buy all the fabric and stuff she would need for her sewing lessons.  I have high hopes for those lessons!


And then dinner: Steaks with Green Sauce  (Béarnaise) was the request!IMG_6293

Sammi’s Party was the following Friday:  movie, making truffles, cheesecake, playing with water balloons, and dancing to the Wii!


Happy birthday Sammi!  How we love you!  Our home would be lost without you!

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