Sunday, May 25, 2014

I had a revelation tonight!

Or...another lesson I learned from my kids...

This evening Bella asked for Daniel Tiger and some bread.  In the time it took me to put her down and turn on the TV, she had asked again for bread.  In the time it took me to select her show, she had asked for bread three more times.  "I know you want bread.  Just a minute," resulted in her asking two more times.

And then my realization came!  He knows!  He knows what I want.  He knows what I've been asking for.  He gets it.  Stop asking and just wait!  It's not that He's saying no.  It's just that some things just take some time.

Can you imagine my epitaph?  Here lies Shelly, the most impatient mortal to walk the Earth :)

Our Week

Monday was Joy’s ARD.  The committee was so kind.  Everyone loves Joy.  How grateful I am for that!  Every morning she jumps out of the van into the arms of her aide with a huge smile.  Love them!  The committee took great care to word everything in her IEP so her new team would understand her strengths and some strategies to work on her weaknesses.  I seriously wish we could clone her team here and bring them with us!  So grateful for them and the wonderful year Joy has had!

Our house went on the market.  Please pray for a buyer!!




House cleaning tip of the week, washing your windows with newspaper is awesome!  It really does work, just don’t get overzealous (like I did) and think, “Oh this is so awesome, I’ll just get that spot on the wall.”  Umm, no.  Then you’ll have black newsprint all over your wall!

This being on the market is crazy.  I want the house to sell so we can move on, but I have no control over the when.  So I clean, a lot. A lot. A lot.  My new mantra is “Just keep cleaning, just keep cleaning.” (sung to “Just keep swimming”)


Jessi’s Orchestra Concert

Joy can be a little stubborn.  So getting her to work requires great creativity.  Speech and she were building these puzzles, but the only way she would work was if she got to take a picture after each puzzle was complete.  Crazy girl!

Wednesday we had a showing at 9AM!  Jacquet has to go with me – I think she was a little freaked out by the car!


For Sammi’s Romeo and Juliet project for English, she wrote a song.  Here she is performing it.  She had to sing it for the whole class.  She is braver than I am!

Poor Brother – there are always errands to run, trips to the storage unit and he just patiently waits for me to finish!      

This little monkey is determined to stand – even if it’s only for a few seconds!


Becca and I tried out a new Vietnamese Sandwich shop – tasty!




Playing with a leaf

Lizzy braided her hair and the next day it was all wavy – she loved it!

Joy loves to play with her babies!


Becca wanted to do pedicures.  So we soaked, sugar scrubbed, and painted away!


This little boy loves to jump – not sure love is a strong enough word.  Happiness and joy so deep it rolls out of his body as laughter and giggling!

My Mom stopped by to see the house and fell in love with the last remaining kitten we didn’t have a home for! Yea!  Here’s hoping for a long and beautiful relationship!


Lizzy and Bella playing the piano (love it)     Brother and his TVI (it looks like he’s looking right at her.  I wish!  No, just caught the angle right)


We were thinking if Jessi couldn’t play the harp at school (she’ll continue her private lessons at the Harp Academy in town), maybe she could pick up a second instrument?  After all Becca started the viola in 8th grade.  Jes did very well with the violin.  She says that she’s been sitting behind them for two years listening, so she should know something!

Our cherry tree is going crazy.  The birds and we are very pleased with the results!

photo 1IMG_9730

Sammi and Jason went to the Choir Banquet


photo 2photo

Alex’s funny laugh – he has this crazy laugh when he is purposefully trying to laugh.  He has a totally different belly laughing when he is being tickled.  He is so much fun!

Jason and Sammi weren’t able to join us at the beach last weekend because they were sick.  So we went again.  Jacquet got to join us because we had two showings!  (hoping, hoping)

Driving down


We ate at Benno’s


Joy is signing “wait.”  We played a waiting game while we waited for our food.  It’s a memory game and she did great!



And then on to the beach….Bella and Joy were so excited they wouldn’t even wait for their swimming suits!


Brother, of course, had to touch it and taste it


If you left Bella for a second, she was headed to the sea!  Best to hold onto that one!