Sunday, May 04, 2014

Our Week

Silly Bella!      Dancing with Jessi


Lizzy made us fudge filled cookies for Family Home Evening.  Joy eating breakfast at home, rather than in the car or at school!


Love how deep these new sinks are!!  The super adorable Brother, I had Bella’s wheelchair tuned up before we head out to Kentucky.  I am going to miss my people here so badly!


Pomegranate flowers, beautiful rose, my dwarf peach


Lizzy and the kitties        One tired princess                    Sweet Joy


The girls had Field Day at school.


Therapy – drawing while standing, working on bringing that tongue up!


Watching sister learn how to make bracelets,             Pizza (again)


Friday afternoon Jason flew out to Salt Lake City to help Becca drive home.  They drove as far as the canyon when the tire blew.  They were grateful it was there and not in the middle of nowhere!  Jacob, Jason’s cousin, came and rescued them.  They stayed the night at his house (thank you so much!!), had the tire fixed in the morning, and then drove for the next two days to get home.

photo 1 (2)photo 1 (4)photo 2 (4)photo 4 (2)photo 5 (2)

Meanwhile, the weather was beautiful, so we went up to the Tire Park.  We are trying to do all of our favorites again before we move.


Lizzy made us healthy Spring Pasta for dinner – loved it!  I may have licked the bowl!

The girls singing (love the microphones!)


Lizzy was given an award for Poise and Confidence!  Great job babe!

Bella playing around with Brother’s helmet and tasting watermelon.


I just thought he looked so cute after church with his tie all pulled down!

While we were waiting for Becca and Jason, Jessi was singing to us and Joy decided to conduct her – so funny!


And around 7PM – they were home!!  So grateful!



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