Sunday, October 28, 2018

The Sacrament

At church, we have been asked to focus on two things: Gospel teaching in our homes and the ordinance of the Sacrament at church on the Sabbath Day.

Today, during the Sacrament, I was thinking about some of the things I have been reading in the scriptures of late.  Like the need for a Savior, a Redeemer – and teaching these things to my children.  As I glanced back (our family takes up two rows with the Grandparents and Becca’s family), I witnessed Lizzy, then Jessi, then Becca partake of the sacrament – and my heart was glad and rejoiced.  This partaking, remembering our Savior and our covenants, repenting of our sins – being forgiven – this is what my girls need in this world.  If they have the knowledge of their Savior and His ability to help them and forgive them, they’ll be alright.

Just a quick impression.  How grateful I am for it!

Image result for sacrament tray lds image

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Our Week

At Lizzy’s school of amazing music, there are practice requirements.  They prove they have practiced by recording a set number of minutes per week.  Lizzy feels that she can’t submit the recording unless it is just her playing – no additional noises in the background, like siblings.  Let’s just say not all of her recordings get uploaded!


Picking up her new braces – Have I mentioned her love of selfies?  Have I mentioned how I exploit that love when we have waiting time?


My Sammi girl passed her driving test!!!!!!!!!!!  So very proud of her!!!

We celebrated at our favorite Mexican restaurant, El Rio Grande.  Yum!  My grandson is so, so cute!!!  Just love him so much!


For King and Country has a song called “Joy” out.  My Joy absolutely adores her name – so she absolutely adores this song!


New calling for me is RS Meeting Committee Member.  (Don’t laugh)  Organizing activities, putting them on, and cleaning up – that I can do.

This month’s activity was Paint N Sip.  The ladies followed an instructor who walked them through painting a Spring, Fall, or Winter tree.  There was Italian sodas to drink.  There was a high turn out! 

What I loved?  Helping?  Getting everyone set up, making sure everyone had what they needed, getting things coordinated – being a Mom, in other words.

I also loved watching Bec (so out of her element) and Sam (so IN her element) and watching the two of the them interact  Smile


Lizzy had All County auditions as well that day (kinda a busy running around day for me!)IMG_5040IMG_5039

Sammi has started watching Benny while Becca works.  This sweet guy is always so happy!


One thing President Nelson asked the sisters to do was to increase our temple attendance.  So right now, in this season of my life, with the kids at school, I have committed to attending the temple every Wednesday morning.  What a blessing to live so close to the temple!  I am so grateful for this beautiful place and the peace that can be found here!


My sweet Alex!


Kentucky School for the Blind had a dedication ceremony for their new sensory room.  I attended and got to tour the room Alex will probably utilize A LOT.  Afterwards I sneaked  over t the Elementary wing to check on the boys.  (If I don’t speak, Kai doesn’t know I’m there)  So his teacher showed me some of the things Kai has been working on!


This was one of the sayings on the wall of the sensory room, “I’m not giving you a hard time, I’m having a hard time.”  I thought that was great and took the picture of Alex from yesterday and added the words. 


Homecoming week for this one – they dressed up crazy all week.  Told her I’m not a fan of the black lip stick!


Great day outside!  Kai loves to swing!  Bella watering my mum.


Becca’s graduation – so very, very proud of her!  She is such an amazing student – and with everything she has been through the last two years – wow, babe!  So proud!!


Lizzy finally got to go to the peddlers mall.  She found two of these glass jars that she loved.  She thought they were perfect for chocolate milk!


Three of my beautiful girls!


Sunday, October 14, 2018

Our Week

JCPS is on Fall Break.  Just a couple of cute pics – Joy playing and Bella being so cute!IMG_4957IMG_494156070970796__0F22C96B-AFA3-4DDF-8200-D37344897644

Today was Becca’s first day at work!!  So proud of her!!  Sammi takes care of our Benny while Bec works or sleeps (the joys of night shift!)  She loves that little man!!


We stopped by our Primary President’s house (we bought some things for Lizzy’s new room – it’s a dream in progress.  Once this school year is over, Jessi will move to the basement with Sam, Joy and Bell will move to the Big Girls room, and Liz will move to the Little Girls Room.  She has big plans for this room!).  They live in paradise!  Pond, creek, horse, chickens (like my Mom’s place).  Bella loved the horse, May.


She thought the chickens were “so cute!”


And Joy fell into the pond!  We were both drenched before we left!  It was a fun visit!!IMG_4934

Taking Polly on a walk.  And a really cool caterpillar we found!


Joy had surgery on Tuesday  just some hardware removal from her Left knee.  She has been SO EXCITED about this!  We have talked about it for months!  Daddy HAD to come!  He doesn’t normally do the medical stuff with me (if he did, he’d never work, there is just so much!), but Joy insisted!


We grabbed something to eat while she was out.  There were food trucks at the hosptial that day. 


And then she was back.  Sammi made her some cupcakes.  (and yes she milked her owie for weeks!!)


Grandma and Grandpa Turpin came over to bring dinner/celebrate Grandpa’s birthday!

Happy birthday Gary!!

Joy stayed home from school, hyped up on HYCET.  She facetimed Ellie.


Joy’s class sent home a get well card.


That night Jason and I went on a walk.  Nice to get out!  The leaves are starting to change.IMG_0421IMG_0427IMG_0428

Joy went to the dentist – no cavities!!


Becca, Sammi, Benny, and I went antiquing.  It was so much fun!! 


Ellie has been having a good time at “school” otherwise known as day care.


We love that Jessi comes home on Fridays to spend the weekend with us!


Therapy pictures – cute Alex in his pumpkin sweatshirt.  Joy being a zombie!


Jason and I have a tradition of going to the Arts and Crafts Fair here in Pewee Valley every Fall.  It’s a fun time together.  This year Lizzy came with us before her shift at Sweetness.