Friday, October 05, 2018

Birthday Week

Saturday (of the two parties) Becca took her nursing boards.  Tuesday we found out she (of course) passed!  She is now, officially, Rebecca Ledford, RN!  We went out to lunch to celebrate!
Wednesday was the Bill Roby Games at KSB – basically a track and field event for several states – Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee all come up, over, or down to join us.  Alex ran the 50 meter dash.  Kai participated in the softball throw.  They feed us lunch.  It’s a great day!  Kai was confused, hot, and needed to go to the bathroom, so we didn’t last the whole time.  I’m just grateful they do such fun things for the kids!
I celebrated my birthday.  Yeah!  45 times around the sun!  My sweet girls made sure I was taken care of.  Flowers and chocolate.  They know me well :)  and some socks.  Sweet sister from church added some more chocolate and flowers to the mix.  Jessi brought me home some more flowers when she came home on Saturday.  I made butternut squash risotto for my birthday.  IT was super yummy!
Two of our therapists have birthdays near mine, so we brought in muffins, grapes and OJ for a little bday party.  Bella making hedgehogs (small motor skills) and Joy playing while waiting for Bella to finish PT.
Jason came home from DC.  Friday night we went to dinner – super yummy!  Then out to see a movie.  Such a fun night (such a great break!!)

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