Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Another Week at the Turpins

Can you guess where Jason has been?
At a conference in DC
I have been wanting Fall.  So I made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and chicken pot pie – yum!!
Saturday was a busy day for us.  My friend had his album release party.  His Halloween Dance Album is on Apple Music. 

IMG_4779IMG_4860 (Edited)

Ellie had her 2 year old birthday party!!  She had so much fun!!  We love you so much Ellie!!


Bella and her love of selfies!  She had to go to school by herself, without Joy!  Oh no!  Where’s Goya?  Where’s Goya?  So we bring out the camera to distract her!

Joy had a follow up audiology/ENT appt.  She did great, and why, yes, she did get McDonald’s afterwards!!


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