Sunday, October 07, 2018

General Conference Weekend

Saturday morning we woke up to a sick Alex.  Seizures during the night  - seriously my worst nightmare.  Then while cleaning him up from that, another seizure.  Asthma meds.  Meds for his 103.6 temp (!!)  He just wasn’t coming back to me, so I brought him in.  No strep, no pneumonia, shunt series is OK, so conclusion it’s a yucky virus with a high temp.  High temps lower the seizure threshold so that’s why he had seizures during the day.  So sad to see my Alex not feeling well.  So grateful for his teacher that was texting me and checking on him.


We made it back in time to just miss the very beginning of the first session of Conference.  I love Conference weekend!  I love being home.  I love watching TV for ten hours.  I love eating.  I love seeing my family watching with me.  I love texting my sisters and my Mom.  I love listening to the prophet.  I love listening to the Apostles.  I love learning what the Lord would have ME know right now.  It is seriously the best!



Watching Women’s Session in my room – it doesn’t start here till 8PM!


My reactions?  I’m excited for two hour church.  I think it will help with Kai and Alex and Joy and Bella and Sam.  I have committed to re-reading the Book of Mormon by New Years.  I will use the correct name of the church.  I will try to be a peace maker.  I will attempt to shepherd.  I will remember that service is only a reflection of my love for God.   I will remember that this is mortality and that sometimes bad things happen.  It is not a reflection that God doesn’t love us.  In fact, in my experience, it’s during the hard times when Heaven can be closest to us, if we allow Him.  I will try to live more as  Disciple of Jesus Christ and help to gather scattered Israel. I will attend the temple more.

Are those homemade cinnamon rolls?  Why, yes, yes they are!  (And they were fabulous!)



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