Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lizzy’s Birthday Party (Finally)

Yes, you are correct, Lizzy’s birthday was in February.  We were a little busy at the time.  So three months and a lot of guilt later, Lizzy finally had her birthday party!  Happy Birthday (again!)  !!

Some highlights:

Cake and games

may 31 002 may 31 012

Crafts and PiƱata

may 31 006 may 31 018

Time for Cake and Presents

may 31 026 may 31 028 

may 31 037



One of my favs!  Sammi collected all of the confetti from the cake table.  While Lizzy posed with her goody bag, Sammi dumped all of it on her head!  We all laughed and laughed. 

While it was a little late (3 months), she had a fun time.  

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Time to Update

It’s been a while since I updated.  Quite a bit has been going on…..

  • Grandma and Grandpa Turpin came for a visit and got to meet Bella!

may 23 008 may 23 005

  • The Turpin Clan had a swim party  - I heard it was very fun until Grandpa fell into the hot tub and hurt his shoulder, poor thing!  There is nothing quite like the ER at 11 PM.

may 23 019 may 23 027

  • Grandpa corrupted another grandchild

may 28 004 

  • Becca had her Spring Band Concert.  I ran home from the hospital and we were late, but we did NOT miss Becca playing!  We are so proud of you, Bec!

may 28 006 may 28 012

  • We are getting Bella’s room ready.  She will have a lot of medical equipment and home health care givers, so she needed to have a room downstairs.  Now I know why we have that extra room!  Jason, Sandi, and Gary primed it last night.  We (I mean They) are going to paint it a light yellow.  I want it to be cute so it doesn’t look like a hospital room.  Jason and Gary bought and installed three ceiling fans.  Grandma and Grandpa may never visit us again!  They have worked so hard this trip!  Thank you so much!

 may 28 015   may 28 014

  • The kids have been having a blast with Kris!  But I’m going to have her do a whole blog post about that later.

There we are – alive and well. 

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Long Time Ago, Far, Far Away

  The year was 1977.  The location was somewhere in a strange place called Colorado.  A little 7 year old boy waited anxiously in line to watch the amazing Star Wars.  Little did he know that as he collected action figures (yes, he still has these!)image and pretended his idle hours away, that he was altering his genetic make-up and one day in the distant future he would be forced to live through his childhood obsession again – but this time through the lives of his children!May 1 007

While I have been gone, my children have discovered and become obsessed with Star Wars.  Everything is Star Wars!  Their games.  Their explanations (antibodies are like Jedi fighting the Sith.)  They have made their own light sabers.  They have made all the characters out of clay.  You should hear Jessi’s Yoda impersonation.  They are driving me crazy – I have had to declare Star Wars free weekends!

Here is the latest and greatest.  I have included it for your enjoyment.  It is their own version of this: