Sunday, June 01, 2014

Our Week

Fruits from our garden!!                                     Cute Joy in Brother’s tie


Another showing, another escape, this time to McDonald’s


Monday – Memorial Day  Marissa invited us over for a Crawfish Boil.  Great stuff!


Tuesday – GI for Bella.  I told her it was going to be a no-owie day.  I was wrong.  I was finally able to get a video of how much pain her tummy causes her and her doctor got to see it.  So blood and fecal testing.  She’d like an ultrasound, but I don’t  think Missy will cooperate for one!  I did reward her with chips after the blood work.  And she didn’t want to share with me!


Tuesday was also the Republican Run off – and Becca’s first time to vote!!


Therapy continues on, ever on


Love his laugh!




Thursday night Jason and I went to the temple.  I have been praying and praying for a buyer, but so far nothing.  It’ll happen, but the stress is pretty amazing.  While at the temple, I started to feel so sick.  I prayed that I would be able to stay and finish the Endowment Session, and gratefully that request was granted.  I was so grateful.  It was a tender mercy, a feeling of this I can grant right now.  I was grateful.




Friday Jason and I took Becca out to lunch at Pei Wei for finishing her College Speech class.  Biology starts Monday – crazy kid!        Lizzy wanted to play a game.  So she wrote out a sentence and asked everyone to add one sentence to her paper.  She had a pretty wild story at the end!


Kathie, Caleb, and Samuel stopped by.  Bella loves playing with the Rick’s boys.  Kathie braided Liz’s hair – fun!  Kathie and I were talking about her family’s future plans and our family’s future plans and then Cyndi called to encourage us.  Things will work out for all of us.  The Lord has plans for us all.



Becca and her GF chili                 The cats love to sleep on the new dining room chairsIMG_9906IMG_9912

Bella is so proud of her tumble!


Becca playing cat games with Jacquet on her ipad             A stick bugIMG_9917IMG_9918

Making loom bracelets – Daddy loves his (seriously)     pizza again


Joy’s birthday balloon – she LOVES birthdays!


Saturday we ran from the house for a showing.  Jason, Lizzy, and Jessi found a farmer’s market and brought some great Guac N’Rock (Awesome Green Sauce).  It was so yummy!IMG_9931

Saturday night Jason bought us UNO, all of our games are packed up.  We had fun with that!

Becca and Jacquet!


Sunday was Joy’s birthday – Seven years old!!  Unbelievable!  We love you so much Joy!

We had a showing at our house, so we loaded up everything and everyone and went to Burroughs's Park for her dinner and cake!


Pizza!!  No, not Domino’s on a Sunday.  Leftover pizza boxes used to transport home made pizza to the park!


Tea Party!


Monopoly on ipads