Monday, May 21, 2018

Sunday, May 20, 2018

What a week!

It’s been a week!  Bella has been to the dentist – which means pre-medication for her heart, so a call to cardiology (I always forget!)  Three adults were required for a cleaning Sad smile.  My misadventure of cutting my finger – oops!

Lizzy and I both getting dental work done.  Bella’s surgery.  Alex hurt Benny – he bit his hand.  And then Becca fell and broke her big toe.  Just lots!

This weekend was Stake Conference which means Jason was gone all weekend with his calling at church.  It’s been a long week.


I am teary today, which is unlike me.  (Seriously, I cried ONCE the whole nine months Bella was in the hospital) Some of my millions of thoughts:

My Jessi is leaving and going away to school. Right now she is working full time.  My Sammi will start back to college soon.  My Lizzy who is already super busy with her amazing orchestra and crazy school, has gotten a job for the summer.  Her weekends are spent training.  My big girls are leaving me.

All of this has me thinking – especially Alex hurting baby Benny.  My sweet boys.  How is he going to be OK as he ages?  We already limit where he goes and who he is around – and now that circle is getting smaller.  What does the future hold for you my son?  How I love you!  Yes, you drive me crazy sometimes, but I love you still. Inside that screaming, throwing, self injurious, and sometimes injurious to others is a sweet little boy.  He may not understand that other people have feelings.  He may want to do what he wants to do, like RIGHT NOW.  But inside, there is a soul.  I love that soul.  I WORRY about him and his life – a lot@

And Bella’s surgery.  Funny kid!  She makes me laugh – I found out she extubated herself – haha, of course she did!  There is my Bella!  The hospital here has a crazy rule.  If you are being admitted, the parents meet the child in their room, not in recovery.  So I’m worrying wondering what is going on (it’s taking a long time.  I’ve already spoken with both surgeons…)  After a call back there, I’m in the room already, the nurse says, “Don’t worry.  She’s waving and happy.  She’s totally back to normal.”  Haha, total stranger.  That’s not my baby!!  That just means she’s still really, really loopy!  More time passes (another hour) and FINALLY they bring her up (took forever!) and she starts moaning and groaning about her IV to me.  Yes, there is my Bella!       I’m worried, though.  The ortho surgeon said this surgery bought us a couple of years.  A couple of years???  My crazy dancer!  Please don’t take away her mobility!

And then there is summer.  Four little ones  - with distinct needs.  It fills me with fear and trembling!  I even fasted about it!

Friday, May 18, 2018

Surgery, Sisters, and School

Sweet Bella had another surgery today.  This one on her knee – that makes four on that right knee.I have no idea how many total surgeries this poor girl has endured, I stopped counting years ago.  But today’s surgery was successful.  Her knee is all cleaned up, old scar tissue has been removed, tears in the meniscus have been repaired, damaged tissues have been removed.  Her surgeon said it was a pretty messed up knee, but this should give us a few more years of mobility.
(it’s always the IV that makes her so mad!)
During pre-op, Bella was getting so anxious, so tense, generally freaking out, so we FaceTimed Sammi and Joy.  That was what she needed.  She was so much calmer – yeah for sisters!!
Bella loves her sisters, but especially her Joy, “Goya” as she calls her.  The girls can be at each other’s throats, but come bed time, “I want Goya.”  “I want Della.”  If I pick up Bella from school, without Joy, Bella goes into high alert, “Where’s Goya?”  All day long, she is making sure her sister is near by.  (Now, I hear at school, they are very separated (within the same classroom – the hard work of their amazing teacher, Mr. Farris!))
Yesterday her class sent home some well wishes – so very sweet!!  I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher/aides/school for the girls.  They are pushed, but they are loved.  It is the best!!  Last night we were looking at her poster together and reading all of the messages.  She looked at it and said, “friends.”  I am so grateful my baby has a safe place where she can grow and where she can have friends!!
Jessi and Sammi got a few things for their baby sister too – they are so tender with her.
Truly, we are so very blessed!!

Monday, May 14, 2018

Turpin Family Pictures 2018

We had our family pictures taken with our two new additions – Kai and Benny!

Two attempts at a family picture.  Not sure which one I like better.


Jason and I


Becca and Blake and their babies











Joy (complete with a Zombie picture)









Couple of extras