Friday, May 11, 2018


Sweet baby Benny                              My azaleas


School pictures: look at how proud Joy is!  Her school gave medals to all of the kids who did well on the KPREP exams last year.  Joy doesn’t take the KPREP, but she does take a modified version of the KPREP – and she did really well.  (Her teacher is fabulous – seriously, he taught her what perpendicular means!)  So Joy was given a medal just like everyone else in front of the whole school!  She was so proud!  She slept in that thing that night  Smile

KSB has a facebook page, and about once a week they post.  I have found some gems there!  Look at my Kai Kai in the library listening to a presentation.  I have no idea what made him smile, but I love the picture!!


My shadow, my Ellie                        I am so excited for these!  What do you do when your kids want to be outside, and let’s say, they have special needs and might, oh, I don’t know, run off or strip down to the buff -  just cause?  Well, you probably should sit out with them.  Now if you aren’t swinging them (over and over again) or jumping with them (Kai Kai Mama jump?), you probably want to read, but since you can’t read without readers and the sun is glaring on the book/screen, then you combo the readers and the sunglasses (exhibit A).  Now one day you might be browsing on Amazon and see a collection of readers that include something called a gray reader (exhibit B).  Now if this happens, you might squeal and get so excited and desire to bless the people that make these!!!  And that would be the story of my new readers Smile 


My monkeys leaving therapy


This came home from KSB.  It has Kai’s name on the inside.  I can’t see how they could get him to do that much gluing, painting, and applying, but maybe he did!


Joy is still obsessed with Halloween and zombies.  Her teacher totally gets her!  She brought this home from school.  Love it!

And, so exciting!!!  Her Fireman Sam figurines came in the mail!!  She has been wanting and wanting for them, asking every day, “fireman sam toys?”


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