Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Annual Neurosurgery Appt

Alex did great!  We had to be downtown at the hospital at 6:30 AM.  He had an unsedated MRI (unsedated!!!!!!! – yes, he moved a ton, but they were able to get enough pictures to see what they needed.)   I can’t count the number of MRI machines I have been inside, squeezing in to sing, pat, and reassurance little ones.

Then over two hospitals to our appointment where we waited for three hours to be seen by neurosurgery – but great news!  His shunt looks fabulous – his ventricles are nice and small.  And we have new pictures to go over with neurology.  So, I’d say a good visit!!

Since we didn't sedate him, he was able to go on to school.  I was able to see my Kai leaving music and heading to lunch.  He was walking with the aide for the class and, most importantly, he was happy!

While signing Alex in, the ESL teacher and I meet up.  We were able to catch up on Kai’s English acquisition progress.  We talked about the summer and what would best suit Kai’s needs.  She is so proud of him that he put together a three word sentence: “KaiKai Mama help.”  He is coming along, slowly, but surely.  Because he can’t see, so many of the usual methods for ESL just don’t apply.  In her experience, language acquisition  is slower than without the visual impairment. (There just isn’t a lot of research into ESL and VI.)

I thought it was a great day!

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