Tuesday, February 18, 2014

To the women staring out of the window in the hospital across the street

I look out the window and I see you standing there looking over the rooftops as I am.  Are you, like me, taking a second from watching your loved one struggle?  Are you sending up secret prayers hoping for yet another miracle?  Praying for strength that you can be the mother this child needs not the crazed PTSD woman you really are on the inside?  Are you wondering how long will your loved one have to suffer?  And admitting to yourself, with guilt, that it means you also must suffer?  Are you seeking for just a moment of peace in this sea of agony?  I pray for you dear mother as you are called upon to walk beside a brave fighter.  May He bless you with peace, with wisdom when the doctors ask you to make decisions, and nights free of guilt and second guessing yourself.  I pray the same for myself.  God be with us both. And God bless our brave warriors.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Our Two Weeks

Our new toy: In the first week alone, it made 12 loaves of bread.  About half were given away – very fun!


Another ice day and then a day with actual accumulation and there was school.  Weird logic!  Cool purple algae/moss!


FHE and cream puffs!


Playing in the cabinets like Lizzy used to when she was young




Brother playing – I was gone for four hours at the dentist on Friday.  I guess Jason didn’t offer Brother a snack while I was gone because when I walked in, he ran up to me and said, “EEEEE!!”  (Eat!)  Wahoo for communication!!  He is starting to make happy sounds when he is playing.  Way to go Brother!  Keep it up!





Lizzy got her white and yellow belts in Suzuki-rota!!  Joy has learned to play Babysitting Mama on the Wii – she loves it!


Liz’s artwork                                              Playing with her babiesIMG_8243IMG_8244

Loving her brother                                      Skyping with Becca!!IMG_8245IMG_8247

Watching (and dancing) her recorded skype with Miss Rachel from Signing Time.  Sweet girl.IMG_8207IMG_8213

New braces and spio came in!!  Look at how straight her back is while watching the ipad – she isn’t slumped over!


Family Chinese New Year Dinner!!  Crafts and food


Brother’s new chew stick             After school snack                    Happy Joy!


Jessi attended the youth family history breakfast and class.  She really loves it! 

Lizzy’s candy from the Bishop for her birthday!!


Our YW Pres was released.  Sammi cried so hard we had to take her home from Sacrament Meeting.  To work through to acceptance, she baked a cake for Sister Chalk.  She will be missed in YW!


Sweet, crazy girls – my room has become the new, coolest place to hang out and watch TV!


Patches swinging with Joy (poor Patches)        Playing Loaded Questions


Sammi found them snuggled on the couch when she came downstairs at 4:30 AM (got to love Early Morning Seminary!)              100 Day at school




We had our friends, the Chalks, over to watch Oscar.  It is one of our favorite movies!  We had a wonderful time  - here they are trying smoked oysters!


This Monkey!  Just love her!  Her Aide gave her that bow!   More therapy!


Bella helping me fold and label all 48 shirts for YW’s New Beginnings.  Joy is getting so independent – getting her own ice cream now! 


Another Bearkat award for cute Sammi            Working with Brother is working!!  Remember in the last post when I said I had extra time – yeah, not so much.  I have been feeling that Brother was stuck developmentally.  I did tons of research and have become his eyes and extending his sensory seeking behaviors.  (read lots of time)  So when he’s banging cabinet doors, we go in and explore what’s in the cabinet.  Pot lids?  Awesome!  What should a 2 year old be doing with pot lids?  Banging them on the floor of course!  Development – I love it!!  (Just keep a bottle of Tylenol near by :)  )


Alex loves to ride the (pink, I know) bike and to slide!


Valentine’s Day – Jason brought in lunch, school parties, and salmon and strawberry shortcake for dinner.  Sammi made cookies for her friends and teachers.




The cherry tree is blooming!!





Sick, it’s been so cold, everyone is fighting something


Bella ended up on three liters of oxygen.  We went to the ER for an x-ray and meds.  As suspected, pneumonia.  So grateful that we walk in with the pulse ox and the O2 tank, so they know we know what we are doing.  I’ve also learned to play it cool.  ER docs go off a lot by how Mama is presenting.  If I am totally OK with her on 3 liters and I’m just asking for a chest x-ray and a script, they are much calmer as well.  About every three months we are in with pneumonia.  She will recuperate at home.  So grateful for our mini ER in her bedroom that we are able to do so.


Lizzy and I snuck away from the sickies for a bit to spend a few minutes at the temple.  Love this girl!