Sunday, February 16, 2020

Valentine's Day

Valentines from school:

Valentines from Daddy:

Jes had to work till 9 and Liz had to pick up the Ledfords, feed them, and put them to bed, waiting for Becca to get home from work.  So we had Valentine's dinner at 9:30 :)  Fun dinner with these two sweet girls <3

Sunday, February 02, 2020

Sunday Morning Observations

Wow!  It's been a rough January - Jason in diabetes ketosis, then lactic acidosis, then the kids with strep and then the flu.  I haven't been free of sickness or people at home since December 19th.  Being an introvert and needing calm, quiet, and alone time to recharge.  And there has only been one sunny day in January. Sleeping isn't going well either.  Our family is playing musical beds every night.  Summed up - I'm tired, so tired.  This morning, it was all starting the same way it does every morning - the baths and the screaming, the missing underwear, instructions given three times (at least), the dog eating diapers (so gross), the daily listing of complaints, the demands for breakfast.
I caught a second between the demands and paused for morning prayers.  I thought about myself and how I was feeling, and got this visual:
Image result for moana fire lady
and the remembered she became this woman:Image result for moana fire lady
how?  Through this:Image result for heart of tafiti

Remember I am a likener and we have been studying Lehi's dream lately.  And I likened:
Image result for moana fire lady(me, obviously)
Image result for heart of tafiti( the grace and strength that comes from Jesus Christ)
Image result for moana tafiti and ocean and moana (the ocean is the justice of God, remember Moana says"Let her come to me.")
Image result for moana putting the heart back(the Savior, loving me, despite me)
Image result for tafiti(who I can be with the help of my Savior)

What a beautiful experience this morning!

Saturday, February 01, 2020

Fun Saturday

Saturday we went and look at a property about an hour away.  I'm completely in love with it - but probably more with the idea of living away from people, having time, peace and growing things (maybe my baby hunger would decrease ;)  )
We had a great morning followed by, what else but Joy's favorite, McDonald's.