Monday, September 30, 2013

Our Week

IMG_2206Had to put this picture first, just for Becca.  Joy thought it was chilly one morning (yes, I took this picture even before her hair was done), so she went and grabbed her coat.  Good thing she’s not with Becca Lynn in Idaho!  :)


Lizzy, Joy, Husky, Patches, and I went for a walk.  We found this great little snake and some flowers Liz loved!





Oh Joy – she cracks me up!  A reminder sticker they gave her at school.  I heard from the back seat, “Look, it’s a hat!”  Love ya baby girl!  We were a little late one morning and Joy’s class had already left the cafeteria, so I took her in at Bella’s door.  So cute – I love how she wants to help her sister.  And then running off, “bye Mom!”  So grateful for a good school!


Family Home Evening.  Singing camp songs – Bella’s favorite is Baby Shark.


Sammi got her choir dress.  She is so excited!!  A tad tacky of me to share this, but it was so funny!  Becca had told Sam that these dresses could make anyone look flat chested.  So during our family skype on Sunday, Sammi let Bec know that the dresses don’t make everyone look flat chested. :)  My girls!


Joy and her crazy expressions – she always has to take something to school.  A soccer ball, knee and elbow pads, why not?  “If we are taking pictures, take one of me Mom!”  Sweet Bella loves selfies!


Remember that expensive viola we bought Bec? Then she messed up her shoulder and they said the viola was just too big for her.  So we traded it in for a violin and they created a hybrid violin with viola strings.  It isn’t exactly what Bec’s college professor wants her playing on.  And she has figured out how Bec is hurting her shoulder (awesome!!).  So, Mom I need a new (read expensive) college level viola.  A real viola. (remember that first beautiful one we bought? oh well)  Since she’ll have a viola and a violin she wanted a double case.  So now she can carry both instruments at the same time.  And now that she has both instruments, she has looked into being a viola performance /music ed major with a minor in violin.  She thinks it’ll look better for when she goes to get a job.  I just look at the price tag.  With the meager money she’s making at her internship, she’ll be paying me back for this beauty forever.  Oh well.  It's just money, right?


More day to day pictures.  Sweet Sam gets off the bus and immediately gets into the car to go with me to pick up Liz and Joy.  We have those few quiet moments to talk over her day.  Poor Bella – being drug around for errands.  :)


School drop off – I love watching Joy run in and give her teachers the biggest hugs ever!  And then I get to drop off this cute thing to her sweet teachers.  I really am feeling so blessed in the school department this year.


This ornery girl – we are working on strengthening those muscles!!  Kinesio tape to remind those muscles and Bella how she is supposed to be sitting.  See the difference being reminded makes?


Sweet boy – he LOVES being thrown.  Working on accepting anything cold and ever working on those stairs and with his walker.  He expects a banana now from PT.  Crazy boy!



Happy shots – reading kid books together, playing under the piano while sissy practices, playing outside


Blowing raspberries together        Joy playing a doctor tea party with Daddy (her name for the Ken doll)


Have I ever mentioned Brother’s LOVE for baths??  He’ll hear the water running in the tub and come running.  Here the door was closed.  He pounded and pounded – “Let me come in!!”

Happy Joy – soda and popcorn!!     Talking to Becca on the phone.


Jason’s shish kabobs!                                   And Sammi’s moustache!IMG_6691IMG_6692

Since Jason has been home so much, he caught me on film reading to Brother.  And Brother’s obsession with the dish washer.  He’ll come runnin’ when he hears me doing dishes!IMG_6695IMG_6703

I have a couple obsessed with their ipads.


Linda is having her condo remodeled.  The fumes were just too much for her and she came and stayed with us for two nights.  The girls loved it!


Daddy’s crepes             Joy loves this new game.  The plastic fruit is held together with Velcro.  You use the plastic knife to “cut” the fruit.  Kept her entertained for over half an hour – score!


Believe it or not – Jason and I went on a date.  Dinner at Rockfish and then over to Barnes and Noble.


Saturday Jessi, Sammi, and I went to the temple.  LOVE having them in the temple with me.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!                 Afterwards Jessi had a friend over.  They played pretend – still trying to savor any of the little girl left in my growing girl.  That night Kathie, Mama, and I went out to dinner and to the RS Broadcast.  I was sure missing my Becca.  Wished she could have been with us!  Mandy stayed and played with the girls. 

I really loved the messages of the RS Broadcast.  I prayed so hard for our sweet prophet.  He looks like he’s shrinking.  How tender for him to share his own pain that he is passing through.  I LOVED his story about the homemade bread.  Reminded me of my Wal-Mart experience last week.


Skyping with our cute girl!

photo 1photo 2photo 4

My sweet boy is starting to dance!