Sunday, September 08, 2013

Our Week

IMG_2031Most of our week centered around Jason’s Pilonidal cyst. He was able to get into the doctor, who immediately recognized what it was and referred him to a general surgeon.  He got him in quickly and scheduled surgery to remove the cyst. Wednesday night Jay Sutherland and his nephew gave Jason a blessing.  So grateful for their willingness!   Thursday Jason had the cyst removed.  He is on his tummy recovering for the next seven days.  Ouch would describe Jason’s week.

We have had a burner out on our stove forever.  Jason (before the surgery) went out and bought the couple of dollars piece that magically fixed the whole thing.  Yeah for a working stove!


Playing together in the water.  Had to get a picture of these two who were laughing and having so much fun while doing their chores.


Tuesday all six went to the dentist.  Everyone was cavity free, except for poor Joy!


Building a foot rest for Miss Shorty!  and then playing around and being goofy!IMG_6340IMG_6341IMG_6343

HUGE!! HUGE!!  Brother drank from a straw!! 

Sammi got a Bearkat Pride award.  Way to go Sammi!


Daddy resting and resting ………….


Joy pushing Puppy in the swing – she loves that dog!  Lizzy finally got to have Lasagna!!  It is her favorite, but it’s full of gluten so I promised her once Becca was at college she could have some!


Speech has started for Brother – three times a week.  Currently working on “more.”                                           


    Happy Bella.                       Joy loves this guitar!!


Poor Joy – On Wednesday she had five teeth pulled, one cap, and one filling!  We call her our little vampire now.  We rented Hotel Transylvania in her honor!


Guess what this one is doing?  She is eating the strawberries straight off of the vine!IMG_6367IMG_6370

Cantaloupe from the garden.     Bella walking with Miss Lien and DaddyIMG_6371IMG_6372

Joy does this all by herself – so proud of the way she takes care of her dogs.

Joy’s hat – well, it’s another use of a vomit bag, right?

Lizzy applied to be a Patriot Ambassador.  She had to write an essay and get two letters of recommendation.  I loved reading what others think of my Lizzy girl.  Guess what?  She got it!  She is so excited! 


We had the Ricks kids over to play on Saturday while their parents attended a funeral.  So sad for the Warnock family.


Saturday night Bella, Lizzy and I headed to the ER.  Bella’s tummy was seriously distended. Lizzy entertained Bella with bubbles.  As the Speech Therapist said earlier this week, “It’s never dull around this house!”


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Donna Leavitt said...

How is Bella's tummy, now? I hope they were able to help her.