Saturday, February 18, 2017

A Mother of Boys

No, we haven’t adopted again, but I would LOVE to!  Know of any babies needing a loving home? Winking smile 

I got to spend six days in Arizona taking care of Cyndi’s boys while Cyn, Michael, and Jeremy were in the hospital.  For one week I was a Boy Mom!  I got to cook for them, do their laundry, clean the house, go shopping with them, play games with them, watch movies with them, celebrate Valentine’s Day with them, make sure homework was done, make sure they got out of bed in the morning (ice water was only used once), read scriptures with them, pray with them, in other words I got to love them as if they were my own.  It was so fun! I learned about Star Wars, the Xbox, Pokemon Go, and that boy bathrooms smell different than girl bathrooms.  I love those sweet boys!!



Sunday, February 12, 2017

Our Crazy Life

Joy enjoying the sandbox at the psychologist.  She found the light saber! 20170130_11460220170130_160321

I want to make the perfect white roll – these were beautiful, but I’m not there yet.

Sweet Ellie – we adore her!


Joy at ENT.  Reading Pinkaliousis to her baby, and then being the doctor to her baby.


Sammi started her driving lessons with her OT – wahoo!

Have I mentioned how much we love Ellie?


Therapy – look at that finger isolation!



Have I mentioned my love for this baby girl?


Super Bowl – poor Blake and his beloved Falcons!   Love her!


Jessi had to try the Shamrock Shake


School art projects


Jason, Lizzy, and Jessi went up to Chicago for the weekend (Jason will post on that separately), so Sam and I treated ourselves to ice cream and El Nopal’s.


Cupcake and McDonald’s – must be Wednesday night!


Joy has develop eczema.  Dermatology here we come!


Sweet boy – we love you so!    Liz must also try the shamrock shake.


Dermatology and more meds!  Poor Bella – she was dragged along.  She is in “fight or flight” mode at a doctor’s office.  Poor thing!  So I try to give her exposures that won’t hurt her – like her sister’s appointment.


I was asked to speak about VIPS to a group from Louisville, so Sammi watched Ellie for me in the VIPS library – once again, thank you Sam!


DSL event – the kids played while I attended a lecture on nutrition.  Oh the guilt I felt on taking them to McDonald’s afterwards!  If I hadn’t already promised them….


We had to stop by and visit Sammi at work.  She gave Joy a cookie!


Have I mentioned how much we love this little peanut?