Thursday, September 20, 2018


Blake and Bec took a much deserved vacation, without the children.  Which means we are having a lot of photo opportunities!!

One thing I love

I love when I make something for Kai for dinner from scratch with no idea what I’m doing, and he says, “Yummy, yummy, so yummy!”  😍😋.  Makes my heart so happy that he is happy!
We had pancakes, sausage, and strawberries.  I knew he’d never go for those.  For Kai, I took pancake batter and added chicken bouillon and fresh green scallions and water.  Then cooked them in sesame oil.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

That knee

Friday I got a call from school (via an amazing app teacher uses- love it!!). Bella’s knee was swollen and she was limping agin. No apparent cause. No falls.  Since we have surgery coming up soon in the other knee, I called ortho.  Tuesday we were seen.  Knee has gone down but still has some edema, but it’s no longer producing heat.  X-rays were done.  She didn’t break anything (good), but for the second time they mention arthritis.  So now we get to visit rheumatology. Poor kid- she’s 9! 

A quick lunch because we could...

All three therapists had to cancel for various reasons, so I found myself with a free couple of hours!!! Jason invited me to lunch! So Sam, the grandkids, and I headed over to a local Mexican place we hadn’t tried yet. With perfect timing, Jessi happened to be turning into our neighborhood as we were leaving! (Yeah for being close enough to come home in the weekend!). We had quite the little party! Funny how six people seems like such a small group. 😋

Monday, September 17, 2018

More Things That Make Me Happy!

Bella doesn’t completely lose it at doctor’s visits anymore!  Wahoo!!  Here she is telling me, “I”m a doctor!”

When my cookies look beautiful!


Finally finished by laundry room – painted, curtains, organized with shelves and baskets.  It’s the little things!

How incredibly awesome the boys’s school is!  The GI system totally tactile.  The outline of the body has even been traced with puff paint.  Kai’s was labeled in braille.


Sleeping babies                                   

When Jessi is home for the weekend, and my big girls are together – ahh!  Love scripture time!


Finding another food Kai likes – crepes.  “Yummy, yummy, so yummy!”


That my daughter finished nursing school!  And did awesome!!  While being married, having two kids, being pregnant, having a preemie, and having a yucky life altering auto immune disease!


When Kai will do anything that resembles play!

That the girls got to go to Camp Crooked Creek!


When my family is happy they found a fun dessert!

That we found this beautiful Monarch butterfly while out and about!


Sunday, September 09, 2018

Life around here

This girl, her hair is so thin and fine.  I’m always trying to find new ways to keep those wispies out of her face!


Our babies


Sammi and I had a couple of free hours so we did something she loves – antique shopping!  She found two old military trucks.  She loves them!  She cleaned them up and loves them!

IMG_4546IMG_4545Sunday Dinner – I am grateful this has become a tradition.  Dinner and then usually, hanging out.  Sometimes there are firesides to get to, but usually we can play a game.

In case you didn’t know, twizzlers are the official May I? snack.


How lucky is this sweet girl to have so much family in her daily life?


Saturday, September 08, 2018

MG Walk

We attended the MG Walk.  There was music (which means dancing to Bella), snacks, face painting, info about MG, two speakers, and of course, the walk.  Bec couldn’t do that part.  She started and we turned around.  We had fun!

IMG_4487IMG_4489IMG_4497IMG_4499IMG_4500IMG_4506IMG_4507IMG_4508IMG_4510IMG_4512IMG_4513IMG_4515IMG_4516IMG_4518Some trees are trying to turn colors.  Wish the weather would get the message!IMG_4520IMG_4521IMG_4527IMG_4528