Thursday, April 19, 2018

Another Licensed Driver!

Today was the day – the driving test we have all been waiting for!

And she did it!  She passed with flying colors!!

(the only bitter part of the day was finding out how much our auto insurance just went up!)

Joy celebrated with a tea party (yay for Spring!)

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Our “Saturday”

With Jessi working full time, the days she has off are not always on the weekend.  This Thursday happened to be one of the those glorious days she had off.  And as it turned out, we weren’t needed to watch Ellie and Bennett, so I made sure Jessi and Sammi enjoyed their “Saturday.”  We grabbed some lunch and headed to a park.  It was a very blustery day, so Sammi grabbed a kite.  What a peaceful day!



The bliss in watching Sammi fly her kite!  She was having so much fun, such pure, unadulterated joy.  Jessi and I just sat and watched her.  We noticed that small grove of trees at the end of the field.  I figured there had to be some water there!  (It was calling to me!)And I was right!


Such a fun “Saturday!”

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

A Beautiful Day!

Our weather in Kentucky has been crazy!  But today was beautiful!

Ni xiang zai waimian wan ma? (Would you like to play outside?)  I didn’t have to ask twice!

Love the Spring!!



Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Les Miserables

Gary, Sandi, Jason and I went to see Les Miserables last night.  Once I allowed myself to forgive them for leaving out so much of the book, it was really good!  The sets blew me away!Fantine truly had the voice of an angel. My favorite character is still the Bishop.  Truly a great message!

So grateful we still have babsitters (not too much longer : (  )


Sunday, April 08, 2018

Elizabeth’s Baptism

We drove to North Carolina to attend our cousin’s baptism.  I took Joy and Bella with me.  I want them to learn more and more about Jesus and baptism, so when they are ready, they too can be baptized.

We were on a trip – which to Joy means lots of McDonald’s  - happy day!


We made it to NC!


Cause I thought it was pretty!


I was happy to see my parents and my sister and her family.


We completed this puzzle – that little girl there is a puzzle champ!IMG_1941

Joy and her cousin Elizabeth


Aunt Kathie with Joy and Bella


Grandpa and Grandma with Joy and Bella


Driving home – more McDonald’s, of course!


While it was nice to get away and see family, I missed my Kai Kai.  And evidently, he missed me too.  Sunday night, he feel asleep holding my arm and I heard him say Mama a couple of times.  Sweet boy!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Snow Day

A winter wonderland on the second day of Spring!


I woke up with the idea of a craft in my head – shaving cream and food coloring.  It would be an excellent OT activity for Bella (and everyone else!).

Results – fun for me!  Everyone’s reactions could be plotted along a spectrum.  On one end, Jessi LOVED it!  She created beautiful pictures.  On the other end of the spectrum, Bella growled at me  :)  - but at the very end, when no one was around, she touched the foam and made five dots (Wahoo!)


Tickles – this boy loves his tickles!


Alex happy that he was home with his Jessi!


Joy is still obsessed with zombies!


Bella is obsessed with creating A-MAZ-ING outfits – this particular model is a flowy shirt, on top is a skort, worn so that the crotch goes over one shoulder, then a pink flowy dress around her neck, completed with a pair of pig slippers.  There were several other equally as beautiful ensembles throughout the day!


Because no snow day is complete without a medical emergency, we made a run to the ER.  Alex likes to bang his head (thank you Autism).  This time he busted his noggin – so to the ER we went for stitches.  The ER doc was great!  He listened to us rattle off Alex’s diagnoseses and watched him for a couple of seconds and offered us an option.  How about we don’t staple his scalp?  Since he isn’t going to leave it alone to heal, anyway, why not just let it heal on its own?  It’ll leave a nasty scar, but who cares?  Isn’t under his hair and it’s not like the poor kid doesn’t already have a designer head from all of his brain surgeries.  They did clean it and put some medicine on it, but that’s it.  I sent a picture to his teachers at school, who forwarded it to the principal, and Alex has earned himself two school free days – can’t have an open wound at school.  Oh well!  Grateful Alex didn’t seem to be in any pain – and it should heal up on its own.


Joy and I went outside and built a snow man and had a snow ball fight with the next door neighbors.  I love our next door neighbors!  They also have a SN daughter.  It’s awesome!


Our snowman – more of a snow robot!


It was a fun day!