Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A thought on trials…

“We know that nothing grows on the high mountain peaks; fertility lies in the valleys.”                  -  Jan Karon

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Another Week

Bella in her stander                                Joy learning about “hop”Joy March 23 007 Joy March 23 015 

Sammi made these wonderful treats in Activity Days!  Joy dancing with her Daddy

Jessi was Student of the Week again!  :)

march 25 001 march 25 023

Joy had preschool screening……and we got a rare smiling photo of Becca Lynn!march 25 031 march 25 007march 28 012

This year I never bought Girl Scout cookies.  Two problems for me – a. The corporate policies are getting out of control and b. the cost!  $3.50 for a few cookies?  So I made these.  They are my favs – Samoas!  YUM!



My Grandfather, Pepa, came into town and got to meet Bella and see the girls.march 28 013 march 28 015

The Young Women had a Garage Sale to raise money for Girl’s Camp.  It was at our house, so now one of my neighbors hates me, but the girls raised $1050!  While it might look like the girls are shopping – they worked.  And my Sammi?  She is a salesman!  We would open a box of random treasures – and she would sell it!  Amazing.

march 28 033march 28 040   Later that night was the General YW Broadcast.  Last year I had plead and plead with the doctors to let us go home from the hospital so Becca and I could go together.  Last year’s picture, then 2010:  It was absolutely wonderful, by the way.  I loved the messages.  And cried through “How Firm A Foundation.”

imagemarch 28 044

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jason’s 40th Birthday

march 25 002



On Tuesday night Jason and I went out for his birthday.  We both had lobster – it was super yummy!





Jason hates it when people write on his car or draw attention to him.  So we went to WalMart and bought those paint pens and wrote on his car while he was at work.  We were so worried that we were going to get caught by the security people!  It was fun!  He called and told us we were “ornery!”  :)  But he felt loved!

 march 25 011 march 25 011 march 25 012 march 25 013

march 25 017

Jason came home and we all went out for lunch – also very yummy!  Sammi had a wonderful time.  (And yes, he washed the car before he went back to work  :)   )



Of course for his cake he chose Strawberry Shortcake.  He had a great big double helping – it was so delicious!

   march 25 020march 25 022

My big present to Jason this year was his trip to Iowa.  I’ll get him to post about it soon!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Life

My life is but a weaving
Between my God and meimage
I let Him choose the colors
He worketh subtlety.

Oft times He worketh sorrow
and I within my heart
Forget He sees the pattern
While I see only the part.

The dark threads were as needful
In the weaver's skilful hand,
As the threads of gold and silver,
In the pattern He had planned.

Not till the room is silent,
And the shuttle ceases to fly,
Shall God unroll the canvas,
And explain the reason why.
~Author Unknown

Isn’t this wonderful?  I remember thinking when I was younger that if I was righteous, then I would always be blessed and nothing truly bad would ever happen in my life.  What was I thinking?  Have you ever looked at the lives of the great prophets or of great men and women of history?  They lived through many trials and learned great lessons from them.  As I was reading from the Ensign this morning, I was thinking of trials.  How can I hope to live next door to Moses’s mother or down the street from President Hinckley one day if I can’t be faithful in my here and now, in every thing?  Hopefully, I will.  Hopefully, I can.

Busy Week – Spring Break

Monday – Galveston (earned it’s own post)

Tuesday – Painted Joy’s bedroom and the frog bathroom.  We took Joy’s room from white to green and the bathroom from green to beige.  :)March 21 001 March 21 003 March 21 007 March 21 008 March 21 009 March 21 010 March 21 013 March 21 024 March 21 040


Removing Kris’s wisdom teeth stitches – we had the equipment from Bella and they were driving her crazy!  :)




March 21 041



Wednesday – We went to Space Center NASA (also earned it’s own post) 




Thursday till Saturday Becca went to Youth Conference.  Sounds like it was a blast.  Wish I had pictures!  She wouldn’t let me get any when she came home to shower after camping for 2 days (wonder why?  :)  )  But I got these when she was headed out the door for the Sunday Dress part of the event.  :)March 21 120March 21 123

Other wise it was a lot of playing and pretending  :)

March 21 075 March 21 077

March 21 080 March 21 100March 21 091 March 21 092March 21 131


Spring is still in full bloom –

so beautiful!   




Spring does bring it’s ewww side – pollen and lots of it!  It’s killing our sweet babe.  So hard to breathe with all this pollen in the air.  Fortunately, we got a big storm yesterday.  I’m hoping that it stripped the air and the trees and we’ll be back to smooth breathing pretty soon!

March 21 128 March 21 129 

Friday Jason left for Iowa to visit his parents.  That will be it’s own post.

Space Center

We spent Wednesday at Space Center NASA.  NASA always amazed me!  So much pure science – very cool!

March 21 042 - Copy  March 21 044 - Copy March 21 045 - Copy   Jason Phone 3-17-2010 017 Jason Phone 3-17-2010 030 Jason Phone 3-17-2010 034 Jason Phone 3-17-2010 047 Jason Phone 3-17-2010 049 Jason Phone 3-17-2010 056 March 21 048 - Copy March 21 049 - Copy March 21 053 March 21 054 March 21 066 March 21 067 March 21 068 March 21 069 March 21 070

Dippin’ Dots at the end!

March 21 072 March 21 073