Sunday, March 21, 2010

Busy Week – Spring Break

Monday – Galveston (earned it’s own post)

Tuesday – Painted Joy’s bedroom and the frog bathroom.  We took Joy’s room from white to green and the bathroom from green to beige.  :)March 21 001 March 21 003 March 21 007 March 21 008 March 21 009 March 21 010 March 21 013 March 21 024 March 21 040


Removing Kris’s wisdom teeth stitches – we had the equipment from Bella and they were driving her crazy!  :)




March 21 041



Wednesday – We went to Space Center NASA (also earned it’s own post) 




Thursday till Saturday Becca went to Youth Conference.  Sounds like it was a blast.  Wish I had pictures!  She wouldn’t let me get any when she came home to shower after camping for 2 days (wonder why?  :)  )  But I got these when she was headed out the door for the Sunday Dress part of the event.  :)March 21 120March 21 123

Other wise it was a lot of playing and pretending  :)

March 21 075 March 21 077

March 21 080 March 21 100March 21 091 March 21 092March 21 131


Spring is still in full bloom –

so beautiful!   




Spring does bring it’s ewww side – pollen and lots of it!  It’s killing our sweet babe.  So hard to breathe with all this pollen in the air.  Fortunately, we got a big storm yesterday.  I’m hoping that it stripped the air and the trees and we’ll be back to smooth breathing pretty soon!

March 21 128 March 21 129 

Friday Jason left for Iowa to visit his parents.  That will be it’s own post.

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