Sunday, March 07, 2010

Monday to Thursday

My posts are getting too long – so I’m breaking it up.march 5 001


I loved this picture of the girls playing together.  More what we imagined when that call came last January about adopting another baby with DS.



Thursday came with warm weather.  OT had been cancelled, so I took advantage and created a garden!  I was in heaven!


march 4 001 - Copy  march 4 004 march 3 001


Lizzy FINALLY lost her front tooth!  It has been lose for three years – seriously.



Lizzy had to make a robot for school. 


march 3 002 march 3 004 march 3 006 march 3 007

Becca does not like to bake.For New Beginnings, the girls wrote letters to their mothers and that is what Becca wrote about me – that she loves my baking!  :)  So I had to capture Becca actually baking!  They were very tasty too!

March 2 017 March 2 020 March 2 023


This is why the warm weather is so wonderful!  It was winter in Houston for WAY too long.  This is last week – snow.  Snow in Houston – what?



March 2 025


This is Joy’s new “pose.”  She is so funny!  She loves to play with dolls now.  It’s so cute to watch!

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