Sunday, March 28, 2010

Another Week

Bella in her stander                                Joy learning about “hop”Joy March 23 007 Joy March 23 015 

Sammi made these wonderful treats in Activity Days!  Joy dancing with her Daddy

Jessi was Student of the Week again!  :)

march 25 001 march 25 023

Joy had preschool screening……and we got a rare smiling photo of Becca Lynn!march 25 031 march 25 007march 28 012

This year I never bought Girl Scout cookies.  Two problems for me – a. The corporate policies are getting out of control and b. the cost!  $3.50 for a few cookies?  So I made these.  They are my favs – Samoas!  YUM!



My Grandfather, Pepa, came into town and got to meet Bella and see the girls.march 28 013 march 28 015

The Young Women had a Garage Sale to raise money for Girl’s Camp.  It was at our house, so now one of my neighbors hates me, but the girls raised $1050!  While it might look like the girls are shopping – they worked.  And my Sammi?  She is a salesman!  We would open a box of random treasures – and she would sell it!  Amazing.

march 28 033march 28 040   Later that night was the General YW Broadcast.  Last year I had plead and plead with the doctors to let us go home from the hospital so Becca and I could go together.  Last year’s picture, then 2010:  It was absolutely wonderful, by the way.  I loved the messages.  And cried through “How Firm A Foundation.”

imagemarch 28 044

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Melissa said...

Please post your recipe for the samoas. They are a favorite around my house also!