Sunday, June 24, 2012

Our Week

Happy Father’s Day Jason!  We all love you so much!


IMG_9346Bella, Bella, Bella – I have been suctioning bright red blood for two weeks now.  They decided not to postpone her surgery, instead they added a DL&B so they could take a look down there.   Tuesday she had her tonsils and adenoids out, tubes put in (tons of fluid – we had no idea, she never tells us she’s in pain), and the DL&B.  She is home and grumpy, as should be expected.



Meanwhile…Alex is adorable.  We love those smiles!


Joy is loving on the puppies, coloring, doing therapy, being cute, and being a Mommy.


The girls love Art!


Jason and I made mozzarella!  It was really good!


Alex enjoyed his Chinese history program – Becca just thought it was great that he was paying so much attention considering the topic.


Sammi taught us camp songs and games


I found the girls watching TV in Bella’s bed.   Becca straightened Sammi’s hair.IMG_9384IMG_9385

Lizzy and I went to the last swim meet for the season.  She is really enjoying watching the time trials for the Olympics now that she understands so much more about swimming.

Waiting                     Checking her time


Sammi got to do some babysitting.  She really enjoys that.  She’s hoping to have more opportunities in the future.  Becca continues in her class.  So far she is doing well for her first college class.

It’s been a tiring week.  We had so many call outs – lots of long nights with Bella.  We survived.

Fun camp song that Sammi taught the girls

Happy Alex

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The First Half of June

The summer started off with Region Camp for Orchestra.  Becca’s friend’s little sister, stayed with us while that was going on.  Becca started her American History class at Lone Star Community College.

June 17 238June 17 240

June 17 263June 17 239

June 17 262The first week of June brought OT and PT evals for Alex.  Let’s just say that it was painful to hear some of what was said.  They both expect him to be diagnosed with CP at some point, it’s just a matter of when the doctors decide to slap that label on him.  They both want him in intense therapy three times a week.  I had allowed myself to dream and had great plans for him.  Oh well, we love Alex, so we accept this reality and try to help him be the very best he can be.


Meanwhile, he is the sweetest and happiest baby on earth!  We love his smiles, coos, and laughs!

June 17 247June 17 248

June 17 249Sammi and Lizzy’s school books came for next year.  I spent a lot of time planning and filling in schedules for next year.  I am finished with Lizzy and about half way through with Sammi’s plans.  I think it’s going to be a great year!




Fun times with puppies, sisters, and friends.

June 17 258June 17 267June 17 270June 17 271June 17 274

Bella has been sick and I have welcomed Sammi’s help.  The Aubles stopped by – we were delighted!

June 17 266June 17 268

Just life frozen in the moment…Joy’s new necklace, Alex on the floor, building in OTJune 17 277June 17 279June 17 280

Bella still sick.     We have had some awesome thunderstorms!  The puppies get to come into the laundry room during the storms.

June 17 281June 17 282

Daddy playing with Didi                 Becca got to go to the Houston Ballet with TFME.  They ate at Hard Rock CafĂ© and saw Romeo and Juliet.

June 17 286June 17 287June 17 291

Swimming every day wipes Lizzy out!      Lizzy found some caterpillars and made them a home.  We waited and yes, they formed cocoons and hatched into moths – very cool!June 17 295June 17 297

Joy takes the puppies care very seriously!  Daddy and Alex.  He is so adorable!!  (Well, they both are, really)  Yes, that is Spike on the trampoline!  Ugh!

June 17 299June 17 294June 17 300

Becca with Didi – we were given this onesie.  It says, “Little Brothers are Awesome!”  We totally agree!    Jessi made this picture using clay – I love it!  Cute Joy!

June 17 303June 17 304June 17 305

Sammi ready for camp!  One whole week without our Sammi.  So quiet and lonely around here without her!                         Bella still sick.                                 Joy loves Alex!

June 17 307June 17 308June 17 310

Spike loves to come into the house, so Joy will run after him, “Spike!” and grab him.  He is almost as big as she is!          Becca spiking Alex’s hair.  Such a sweet boy!June 17 312June 17 315June 17 317

Marissa and Jay come over and work out with Jason and Sammi.  I realized I had never taken a picture – so there you go.  Proof!

June 17 322June 17 325

When Beth was here, Lizzy complained that she never gets any mail.  Beth sent her a card!  She was so excited!  She told me she loves Beth!            Sisters

June 17 327June 17 332

Playing with Alex                                      We love his smiles!

June 17 328June 17 329

Lizzy’s Swim Meet – this is the first swim meet that I haven’t been volunteering during most of the meet, which meant that Liz and I got to spend more time together.  There was a great park by the pool that we explored.  We loved it!  We’ll have to bring the family soon.


Sorry for the lousy pictures – but they represent a fun time!  My sisters, Kathie and donna and I meet up for dinner.  It was so much fun!  We talked kids, husbands, church, school, life, everything.  It was so much fun!  We are hoping to do this once a quarter.


Love those jumps!                                Katie came over and played with us one dayJune 17 335June 17 341

Swimming is exhausting!                     Friends playing

June 17 342June 17 347

Bella loves her hat            Nails painted and ready for her 5 year old check up. Sammi dressed her up – so fun!

June 17 349June 17 346June 17 358

Jessi and Joy playing on the computer     Jessi and Lizzy headed to a friend’s to swimJune 17 351June 17 355

One happy Becca – truly gluten free pizza!                            Bella loves Alex!June 17 356June 17 361


My parents got back from Germany!  It’s nice to have them back on American soil, although I’m sure my sister, Asia, would disagree.  It was great to see them – and to send Spike home with them! 



DSC00656Friday Jessi, Joy, and I drove out to camp to pick up some of the Young Women.  With our 12 passenger van, I’m sure that it won’t be the last time I’m asked to make that drive!  Jessi and I sang, and admired the landscape on our 2 1/2 hour drive up.  We saw some cool clouds!  And we had lots and lots of Sonic.  After being up all night with Bella (no night nurse), Sonic was very necessary!  I was very happy to hug my Sammi girl!  There was a lot of sleeping going on during the ride back – thank goodness it wasn’t me sleeping!


Lizzy’s Swim Meet  - Lizzy isn’t sure whether or not she wants to do Swim Team next year.  She wants to have more free time.  The one good thing about swim team is how much she has learned and how much she has improved.  Every week she gets ribbons for time improvement and she comes in 1st, 2nd or 3rd in her heat.  I have been very impressed with her progress!DSC00671DSC00669

Happy Father’s Day Jason!! How we all love you!

June 17 362june 17 365june 17 366june 17 367June 17 352june 17 368

I asked the girls to give me their thoughts on the summer thus far:

Sammi  - I went to camp.  It was so awesome this year.  It was raining and hailing half the time, so it was nice and cool this year (100 plus last year).  I had different expectations for camp this year, so I enjoyed hanging out with everybody.  We had a lot of fun playing the games and learning new songs.  When I got back I had forgotten how to take care of Didi!  My hope for this summer is to get together with some friends and play a Hunger Games adventure.

Becca  - Region Camp  was gross because I was right between the two levels.  The lower level was too easy and the higher level was too hard, so I didn’t fit, which was frustrating.  The Houston Ballet was fun.   We all thought we would much rather watch the play than read the book!  Then I’ve been in school.  My class is fine.  (She is taking American History at Lone Star.)

Jessi – So far this summer I have played.  I went with my friend to Monkey Business.  It was so much fun.  It was just bouncy houses everywhere!  I have helped take care of my siblings -  mostly Didi and Joy.  I have gone to Lori’s house.  I have done cleaning projects and math.  I have been practicing music.  And reading and reading and reading!  I went on a six hour drive with Mama to pick up girls from camp.  We stopped at Sonic every now and then.    I liked going there and enjoying the scenery and singing with Mama and the nap I took on the way back.

Lizzy – This summer I have gone swimming.  I have practiced piano and gone swimming and swimming.  I have played outside and mostly just gone swimming.  I have played with the puppies and played with my friends. 

Our Alex video for this post: