Sunday, June 03, 2012

Our Week

My papaya tree is blooming!         Puppy love             Rummikub game (Joy included)


Memorial Day

Bella’s last day of school (her teacher came on a holiday)  More puppy love


Jason and Becca breaking down a pallet to make a raised bed for the puppies.  Teacher, aides, and bus driver presents for the last week of school


Our grilled chicken, homemade baked beans, and Hawaiian rolls for Memorial DayIMG_9120

Tuesday: Got Joy’s Teacher picture – how I am going to miss these ladies!  Found out that not only are they kicking us to another school, they only have afternoon classes at that school.  I’m not happy because I had everything all scheduled for all seven kids and Joy had to have morning classes for my schedule.  I’m trying not to think about the scheduling nightmare this is going to be.  I’m putting on my Scarlet O’Hara hat and deciding to “think about it tomorrow.”


Cute Nathan with Alex                 Loved this!  Becca had some friends over and they played with all of her siblings.  These are teenagers that I like!


Wednesday: Bella loving on her brother.   Introducing Becca…..the Junior, she is done with her Sophomore year!


The kids being silly.  They got ahold of the camera and had a lot of fun!


And then they were off to swim.  That night Grandpa bought everyone pizza – Joy’s fav!  Lizzy brought home more ribbons.  She keeps improving!  That night Grandpa and Nathan headed to Germany to join Grandma, Mandy, Asia, and her family.  We’ll miss you!  Have fun!


Jason throwing Alex up and down…he LOVES it!


Thursday: I didn’t use the right lens, ugh.  Those little beige ovals underneath the ladybug are eggs.  We read about insects and their life cycles this week.  The girls went outside to see if they could find any eggs and viola!  They found a ladybug actually laying her eggs!  Very cool! 


The last day of school – Joy getting off the bus.  Bella had a pulmonary appt that day.  Bella, the nurse, and I were involved in a car accident on the way home.  We were stopped on Louetta (terrible traffic!) and a man rear ended us.  He hit us hard enough that we hit the car in front of us.  I was so scared for Bella.  Since we stopped traveling by ambulance, that has been my worst nightmare – what would I do if we were hit with Bella in the car?  Gratefully, no one was hurt, so Becca came and brought the nurse and Bella home while I dealt with insurance stuff.

IMG_9175June 3 012

Friday was the first day of summer and it was Joy’s birthday!  She had a great day.  We love you Joy!!


Bella loving on her brother.  Alex is all boy!  I had Becca read him a counting book while Joy and I looked at books for her birthday.  She did, then she showed him a truck book and he totally lit up (didn’t capture it on film).  He is so funny!

IMG_9183June 3 017

The puppies first appt with the vet          That night Jessi and Lizzy had an End of the Year party with the homeschool group.  They went roller skating and then had pizza and watched a movie.  Fun times!

June 3 020June 3 032

Saturday:  Swim meet, that blurry blub in the second picture is Lizzy’s hand coming in first in her heat in back stroke!  She is improving every week!  Meanwhile Becca went downtown and played at the Klein HS Graduation.  Crazy to think in two years, she’ll be graduating!  She dropped a bomb shell this week.  She is considering Brigham Young University – Hawaii. (Hawaii?!?!)   And she told me that she would LOVE to marry an Asian man, so all of her babies can look like Didi! 

June 3 033June 3 035June 3 037IMG_9205IMG_9207IMG_9208

An Alex video.  He really is the best baby.  He goes to bed about 9 and (usually) sleeps till 5 or 6 in the morning.  He is very easy to console.  He has the best temperament.  He is showing that he likes cars and trucks.  Daddy is thrilled and thinks they should watch all the races on TV now.  We love you Alex!

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